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Explain in the space of one page why the tradition of holistic approach to culture has declined on anthropology. Make it sure to tie your answer to the study of the politics of culture (one page only) - Coursework Example

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This is because people lived in concentrated villages and shared almost everything. The holistic approach was, therefore, very common among tradition communities and family…
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Explain in the space of one page why the tradition of holistic approach to culture has declined on anthropology. Make it sure to tie your answer to the study of the politics of culture (one page only)
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"Explain in the space of one page why the tradition of holistic approach to culture has declined on anthropology. Make it sure to tie your answer to the study of the politics of culture (one page only)"

Download file to see previous pages The paper will give reasons as to why the traditional holistic approach to culture has continually been declining on anthropology.
In the recent study of human beings, the holistic approach to cultural values has declined the popularity. Some of the reasons leading to declining in a holistic approach include; community diversification and differentiation change in educational levels and public institutions, change in peoples lifestyles, modern methods of research, and improved technology. As compared to traditional period where people were concentrated in one region mainly the extended family, people have in modern days moved to different regions making holism difficult.
According to the research, many people work individually and live independently. As a result, there has been reduced collaboration among activities and routine duties in human beings in the recent days. The government has a contribution to this in their attempt to change cultural practices. To this end, government link matters of culture with respect to necessity and unity hence altering them positively.
Additionally, Change in lifestyle has reduced holistic approach to cultural practices and the study of human beings. People have acquired education and awareness in different areas and pursued different careers. These careers have re-located them in different places far away from their communities. Consequently, the human being has gained a sense of independent making them socially inactive in their new areas of work hence holistic become difficult in the study of human beings.
Moreover, advancement in research methods and techniques has contributed to declining holism in anthropology. This is because modern research and analytical tools such as computers are widely used in tallying and analysis resulting to changes in public learning institutions. The modern equipments have made particular study accessible as compared to traditional time when resources were not sufficient ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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