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Symbolic Expression of Feelings in Videos - Essay Example

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This paper "Symbolic Expression of Feelings in Videos" discusses destruction by fire that could be the end of everything. All life, dreams, and wealth can be destroyed by fire. Fire can also destroy connections both material and immaterial things…
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Symbolic Expression of Feelings in Videos
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Extract of sample "Symbolic Expression of Feelings in Videos"

Download file to see previous pages Although the fire is used symbolically, the music videos still leave a message of violence and too much anger or rage.

The video of I Love the Way You Lie shows the situation of a young couple that physically hurt each other because of the woman’s jealousy. The video puts the blame on the woman and makes her look negative even though the man is the one that should be blamed. At the beginning of the video, the woman is seen sitting on the floor, playing with some fire in her hand (0:12). The next scenes show them beating each other because the woman saw the man’s hand with another girl’s phone number. As the two fight, Rhianna sings the song while a house is burning in the background.

The image of the fire is greatly associated with the woman in the video of I Love the Way You Lie. These are obvious in the first scene where Rhianna appears and in the second with the protagonist holding the fire. Studying the scenes especially the elements or props that are shown could lead the audience to a better analysis of the video. First, there is no point for the singer Rhianna to stand near a burning house unless she wants to get burned. Second, the scene where the protagonist is holding the fire is very unrealistic. Unless the woman is clairvoyant, which is not seen in the video, she will definitely get herself burned. Given this, the two scenes impart symbolism. The director of the video presents a connection between the fire and the woman. Thus, the fire symbolizes the rage of the woman.

The woman is very angry with the man when she sees the phone number on the man’s hand. From the way they fight, it looks like the same scene of the man having another woman happens habitually. Also, the man is very jealous, so it is possible that the two are always mad at each other. Seeing the woman holding some fire, the anger of the woman may have reached its peak that is why it is compared to a fire. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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