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Bonner in his video, “Commonly used Gestures” stated that gestures include movement of hands, face and other parts of the body that help in…
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Define term Clutter and Gestures in public speech
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[15/09 Public Speech- Gestures A gesture is often defined as a form of non-verbal communication using bodily actions to communicate wide arrays of messages. Bonner in his video, “Commonly used Gestures” stated that gestures include movement of hands, face and other parts of the body that help in communicating messages to others. Gestures highlight emotions and feelings in an effective manner sans words that make the whole process interesting and intriguing. It is considered as a form of expression that can also be used in speech and verbal communication as it involves movement of body parts to make the message more clear and impactful.
A normal hand wave is considered as a fine gesture of saying “Hello” and “Good Bye” while appreciating someone’s work by patting his back is a nice gesture of motivating him. A frown often gives a feeling of being angry and irritated while a smile offers a feeling of bliss. Gestures are universal expressions found in every living body capable of emoting them with great impact. Gestures have been documented in different forms of art such as paintings and sculptures. The famous portray of Monalisa is a symbol of female beauty emoting elusive facial expressions.
While delivering public speech, most individuals use their hands and facial expressions to express the worth of a sentence or words. The word “Smile” brings a smile on the face while the world “Magnanimous” makes us spread our arms to highlight its impact and worth. Gestures can be used to connect with the nature, society and technology in a manner that does not require words to express the actual feelings. They are ubiquitous and innate in living bodies defining life through wide arrays of emotions and feelings.
Clutter is defined as a confused multitude of things and statements often using more than what is actually required to offer a substantial meaning. It is like filling gaps or spaces in a disorderly manner that confuses audiences to the core. Usually, clutter defines a confused state of mind lacking clear and transparent ideas. It normally happens in extempore when a speaker is asked to speak on a particular topic; rather than clearly defining the subject matter of the topic, the speaker tends to use unnecessary words. It is hard to avoid clutters while speaking especially when the mind and is not refined and mature enough. It also highlights the normal human psychology that gets affected by pressure and expectance.
Almost every speaker goes through the feeling of nervousness while speaking in front of a group. It is a normal human attribute that breaks the speech along with making it sound nervous and a bit wussy. Most people master the art of speaking in a fluent manner through hard work and developing an effective vocabulary. Friedman in her video, “Help from the Heart” stated that confidence is the key to avoid clutters; the feeling of being competent and impactful offers great push that creates fluency and transparency.
There is no denying that clutters make a speech less impactful and boring often diminishing the actual worth of speaker’s words. It is important to develop a sound mind by communicating with others on wide arrays of subjects. A nervous student speaking for the first time in front of his class and professor is the best example defining clutters. The student tries hard to form ideas and jumbles with a number of words to present his mindset. However, the peer pressure and nervousness thwart the overall fluency along with blocking the flow of speech. The best way to avoid clutters is to listen to elocutionist and orators along with following newspapers. This would help in forming precise ideas based on plethora of information. This would further add value to one’s opinions when shared with others while speaking and exchanging information.
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