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The Society, Politics, and Women in Chicano Films - Movie Review Example

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This paper "The Society, Politics, and Women in Chicano Films" focuses on the fact that during the early years of modern film making tradition, Chicano or Latino films did not attract enough attention of mainstream Hollywood industry and exhibition of such films was to some extent restricted…
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The Society, Politics, and Women in Chicano Films
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Extract of sample "The Society, Politics, and Women in Chicano Films"

Download file to see previous pages There are quite a few instances, where Chicanos were represented in a narrative manner to the audience and the early 21st century “Greaser” films are excellent evidence in support of such observation (Fregoso xvii).

Continuous quest by the commercial filmmakers during the years of 1940s and 50s was gradually changing the perception of Latin American films to the Hollywood film industry. The new age potential directors also realized quite clearly that in order to create critically acclaimed cinema it is important to come up with new cinematic styles as well as striking storylines. In the context of adopting experimental cinematic style in the Latin American film making scenario, the Neo-Realism of Italy and the New Wave genre of French contributed to a great extent (Hart 7). Changes of this kind were mainly occurring during the 1960s and this decade is widely acclaimed by film scholars across the globe as the most important period for the Latin American films as, during this time, the Latin American film making tradition developed its uniqueness and identity (Hart 7). In addition to this factor, the Cuban revolution also introduced a great deal of change at the socio-cultural and political perception of the common Latin American people. A new wave of socialism was introduced by the revolution and it surely created a huge impact over the development of the Latin American cinema. The social unrest, Chicano student movement and political radicalism immediately became interesting subjects for the filmmakers and they started incorporating these aspects in their creations. One of the pioneer Chicano films I Am Joaquin (1969) is a great instance that incorporated elements of this socio-political activism in an effective manner (Noriega and López 5). At the same time, the establishment of Field Castro as the centre of power provided the film industry exactly with the kind of support that it lacked for a long time.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Society, Politics, and Women in Chicano Films Movie Review.
(The Society, Politics, and Women in Chicano Films Movie Review)
The Society, Politics, and Women in Chicano Films Movie Review.
“The Society, Politics, and Women in Chicano Films Movie Review”.
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