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Technology, Politics, and Values - Research Paper Example

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TECHNOLOGY, POLITICS, AND VALUES NAME TUTOR DATE Technology, Politics, and Values Introduction According to Winner technology innovation is determined to a certain degree by political systems at the time and society values (Winner, 1986). Winner argues that the design and specifics of a device has a direct effect of helping or otherwise a group of people in the society…
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Technology, Politics, and Values
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Download file to see previous pages The financial institution helps to set the political and social order of the day. Poverty & Hunger One of the millennium development goals is the annihilation of poverty & hunger. It was noted by the UN body that a sustained peace in the world can only be achieved when all nation are hunger free. The eradication of poverty for people living below the poverty line is a noble idea that can be met. To demonstrate the extent of poverty, I will use few examples. Sudan, a country in Africa had a civil war for a decade now, and though they fight over bounder, it is understood that their legitimate reason is control over watering point and territory resources of oil mining. The poverty level is dire as people result to cannibalism for their survival. Annihilation of poverty and suffering can be met through mechanization of agriculture. This would ensure that more land is under cultivation, and the problem of tiling land is eliminated. Before the industrial revolution, agriculture in Europe and North America has boomed and provided a stepping ground for industries. Slaves that were working on firms were replaced by tractors, those who did weeding work no more because weed controlled chemical had emerged. Nevertheless, poverty and hunger in developing countries can be achieved through agriculture innovation. More superior tractors that can withstand the terrains of Africa and South America should be adopted. Commercial farming has been concentrated to flat ground leaving the mountaineers area under forest cover. There is a need to cultivate more land, and this calls for more specialized tractors. Another technology that is essential in eradicating poverty is in shifting from reliance in rain fed agriculture to irrigation. Drought is current phenomena in the regions affected by extreme poverty and hunger. The introduction of irrigation would help water plant and animal in dry seasons. Issues of drought can also be addressed by innovation of new breeds and seed that can survive hutch climatic conditions. There should be innovation of fast growing seed with a shorter maturity period. The seed would keep up with short rain and minimal calamities. However, increasing productivity of food is not enough; there should be biofortification to increase food nutritional value (Bringing science and development together through news and analysis, 2010). According to Adesina Africa has now developed an ‘orange fresh sweet potato’ that has more beta-carotene making it advantageous for nutrition (Bringing science and development together through news and analysis, 2010). There has been a political commitment to increase the budget allocation to the agriculture department so as to ensure that the problem poverty and hunger are addressed appropriately. Countries like Malawi, Vietnam, Brazil, Nicaragua, Argentina and Ghana has devoted much of their resources to agriculture science and technology. These countries have progressed well, and some like Malawi has produced food surplus in year 2007(Millennium Development Goals, 2010). The IMF and the World Bank have extended financial support to developing countries to revolutionized agriculture. The two institutions are there to serve political system and ensure appropriate social order is achieved. Once ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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