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A Bronx Tale movie - Essay Example

The young son of Lorenzo Anello's (Robert De Niro), who is known as Calogero (Francis Capra) witnesses everything but he is unwilling to tell the NYPD officers the truth. This makes the mafia boss to like the young boy. Although the mafias are gangsters in the neighborhood, one realizes that they are liked in the society.
This shows race disparity in the society because the mafia being whites are acceptable in the society as opposed to blacks who engage in crime. Calogero’s father lives an honest life as a driver but does not hate Sonny although he knows that Sonny is a gangster. When his son does not tell the police, what he saw, Lorenzo is happy because he does not want his family to get involved in the mafia’s issues. However, he is not amused by the fact that Calogero is running errands for the mafia boss. This shows that Lorenzo does not trust the mafia whereas he does not want them to be exposed to the police. In addition, after the death of Sonny very many people in the neighborhood attend his funeral as a sign of togetherness.
Sonny believes that a man in a very short time can understand womens’ desires. This is evidenced when he keeping the grown up Calogero on how to pick up a girl for an outing. Sonny makes so simple such that Calogero is not able to understand it. Sonny is of the idea that, if the girl does not pull the button for him to get into the car, then she must be very selfish. He tells Calogero to dump her, Jane (Taral Hicks) immediately to show that he regards

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women as the weaker gender. Sonny does not belief that women have the right to dump men as sees men as being superior to women.
Calogero being an American of Italian origin is engaged in a gang of local Italian boys. The gang of Italian boys beat up some cyclist because they are black. Calogero does not like the idea because he knows that the cyclists are innocent but he has nothing do to stop the beating. However, Calogero is able to defend a young black man, Willie, who is Jane’s brother. When Willie sees Calogero during the date, he (Willie) accuses Calogero of beating him up. Calogero is angered by the accusations and ends up calling Willie a "fuckin' nigger." Calogero racially insults Willie instead of looking for ways to settle the misunderstanding amicably. Although Calogero apologizes immediately, Jane is unable to forgive him. This shows the kind of mistrust that exists between the different races that coexist in the US.
Although Sonny is a gangster, he is still a father figure to Calogero to show that he is a responsible man. Sonny does like the gang of the Italian boys because he knows that they will disrupt Calogero’s schooling. He is always ready to offer advice to Calogero in order to ensure that he grows up to be a responsible man. All Sonny’s acts are for the benefit of the community and his friends and that is the reason why he is not hated in the neighborhood.


A Bronx Tale. It is 1960 and the movie, A Bronx Tale opens with the murder of a man by a local mafia boss, Sonny (Chazz Palminteri). The mafia boss commits the act because he is trying to save his friend from an attacker by another man. …
A Bronx Tale movie
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