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Communication Between People and Computers - Essay Example

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In the paper “Communication Between People and Computers” the author analyzes the modern movie “Her”, trying to understand if computer can be compared with human intelligence. He is arguing that in the future people will be ready to use artificial intelligence for their needs…
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Communication Between People and Computers
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Download file to see previous pages The action of the film is set in futuristic Los Angeles, in highly developed and technologically integrated and advanced society. Everything in the setting of the movie suggests that the audience faces the future society. First of all, it is a high level of technification: it seems that every person is very good with computers and has at least two devices, a smartphone at hand and a computer at home. Also, computers are really smart even compared to the latest developments people have today: they are controlled by voice, and their voice recognition functions are quite impressive. Finally, the level of integration of technology into human life does suggest the movie is set in the future. From what one sees on the screen, it is possible to draw the conclusion that it is the society, in which “anatomopolitics of the human body […] and a regulatory pole centered on population with panoply of strategies concentrating on knowledge, control, and welfare” have been merged (Rabinow 91). This is the world, in which people and technology are a unified whole and in which the traditional dichotomy of the society and technology does not work. In fact, it is the world where new understanding of people in regard to everything they made predominates. The way the city is shown also suggests that the movie is set in the future. More specifically, the streets are clean, and there is no dirt and trash there. People’s apartments as well as working space are bright, roomy, and various gadgets do not look like the modern ones. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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