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Course Objective - Essay Example

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Information refers to transmission of data from one person to another or within the department. Through information, knowledge is passed and received1. Through information, people can communicate amongst each other with ease. …
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Course Objective
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Extract of sample "Course Objective"

Download file to see previous pages Through information, people can communicate amongst each other with ease. Nonetheless, cultural and psychological differences have put different meanings to information. Beliefs and cultural difference has made passing of information be somehow difficult. People perceive information delivered by others in different ways. Therefore, this has created some difficult in comprehending the information passed due to cultural differences. The knowledge of a person’s culture and background does give a guarantee of comprehension of information from one person to another. Therefore, when communicating and passing information one should consider the cultural and social beliefs of people to ensure effective communication is enhanced2. Different people perceive information relayed in a different way, thus when availing information to people an individual is required to put into consideration the audience3. This will ensure the information relayed provides the intended meaning to its audience. Furthermore, information will become useless if the intended audience do not comprehend the information as required. Information and beliefs have created a language barrier between different people. Philosophy of language has developed two challenges with regard to language and information. In order to overcome the language barrier problem, a shared language should be used. Using common language information can be enhanced easily from one person to another. Cultural barriers also pose a problem when it comes to passing of information. Therefore, cultural beliefs should be respected and adhered when transmitting information4. Different people have defined information in different ways. Philosophers use their own language to relay information to people. Philosophers claim that the form of transmission of information develops a basis in which that information is received5. In addition, through information knowledge is built and developed. It is; therefore, significant to ensure information is passed in proper media and form to avoid distortion of the information. Diverse values also affect the way information is perceived. Some cultures do not allow certain type of information to be availed to a certain age group. Children are the most affected in such a way television programs restrict certain age groups from viewing some of their programs so that societal values can be maintained and respected. Values represent the basis for ethical development. Therefore, information perceived not to respect societal values and ethical believes is termed as wrong and is not to be put for public display. Technological development has enabled availability of some disturbing information especially to children. Measures have been embarked that will ensure children are protected form any form of abuse presented by information availed in social media and the internet. Availability of pornographic materials have exposed young children to information not suitable for their age. Therefore, despite the varying definition of information within different cultures and societal backgrounds appropriate information should be availed to everyone. Information that contradicts the societal beliefs and values should not be allowed to reach people and proper measures should be applied to prevent that6 Describe the development over time of communications systems and analyze the impact of those systems on information and information transmission. A communication system refers to a set of equipment that give the service of transferring information between users located in diverse geographical area. For instance, telephone networks and internet system has made communication possible and people from diverse backgrounds engage in transmitting ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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