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Illogical Terror (or invent another topic if you like) - Essay Example

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After all, they trigger the primal fears among people. The authors play with the fear of death and the unknown through the creatures of darkness. Zombies, demons, vampires give these terrors shape and…
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Illogical Terror (or invent another topic if you like)
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Download file to see previous pages He possesses a strange power of seeing future events in his vision. He views blood coming out of an elevator of Overlook Hotel, the place where his father wants to go become the caretaker. The strange force is also present in the telepathic powers of the hotel chef. He offers Danny ice cream through this power. This seems illogical yet vaguely corresponds to people’s perceptions of demonic possessions and haunted places. Logically, it should not terrorize the audiences but it does. Val Lewton uses similar ideas. In his movies, a strange force either haunts a place (building, castle etc.) or it resides in people. In his film Cat People (1942) this strange power lies in a woman, Irena Dubrovna. She can turn into a beast (an overgrown black panther) when sexually aroused.
Val Lewton’s The Haunting (1980) also incorporates a similar uncanny force. In the Female Spectator, Lesbian Specter: The Haunting, Patricia White states “It is the uncanny house that the heroine is forced to inhabit - and to explore… The woman provokes the uncanny; her experience of it remains a shadowy area.” She is shown to have psychic powers. Exactly what happens to her at the house or what she does to the ‘creatures’ living in the house is a mystery.
This uncanny force is the theme of The Shining. Towards the end of the movie, the audiences are shown a photograph of Jack from 1921. The story unwinds in such a way that it gives an impression that probably Jack Torrance was a ghost from the beginning. His decision to take his wife, Wendy, and son to the hotel triggered the ‘force’. The Haunting shows a similar context. The team that visits the haunted house triggers paranormal events.
The Leopard Man (1943) is fascinating in the sense that this uncanny force is not real. It gives the illusion that the forces there. For instance, all the way through the movie the audiences keep guessing that probably the man ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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