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Research Log I felt so enthusiastic to immediately do this research assignment on the September 11, 2001 attacks because of the very nature of this topic. Indeed, the subject is a delicate one and surely it will be a challenge on my part to pursue this research…
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Download file to see previous pages For initial understanding of the term terrorism, I got the U.S. Law definition of terrorism which means “ pre-meditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents”. Then I gathered materials from the internet regarding its concepts and the September 11 attacks and related information. After knowing and understanding the broader meaning and description of terrorism, I gathered the needed information: the who’s, what, why, how and the results and impact of the said attacks. Likewise, I saw the need to have an overview of the Middle East to have a better understanding of the said tragic incident. Basically the Middle East is a region rich in oil. The politics and issues stemming from the region have mostly revolved around oil and Israel. With this major energy reserves which helped support western economies many superpowers have been involved in the Middle East such as the US, Britain, Soviet Union, and France and also because of its location in the map. In contemporary times, foreign interest in the region had mostly been credited yo the oil reserves and its strategic position. After the first week , I gained a deeper insight of the September 11 attacks and had a better understanding of the whole incident taking special attention on the details on who are its perpetrators and their background, the root cause, why it happened, how it happened and the resulting actions especially from the US Administration headed by former Pres. George W. Bush. I really did not have much knowledge before of the whole incident and the plan of action of Pres. Bush after the incident particularly on the war against terror declared on the 22nd of September and other major changes relative to his efforts against terrorism (e.g. U.S. Patriot Act in October 2007). I have gained sufficient understanding of the perpetrators referred to as Osama Bin Laden through his Al-Qaida terrorist organization , and their aims which are to inflict terror on the people and authorities governing the most powerful nation in the world as they do not agree with the actions and ideologies of the US. This helped me developed a logical researching skills. It also helped me understand the September 11 attacks by gathering an overview of the Middle East which was quite easy for me to accomplish. After gathering all the information on the background of this world-acclaimed phenomenon through the internet and library materials, I am prepared to write chapter 1 of my dissertation. The major sources which I used included the following: America Attacked 9 11 by, September 11,2001- The parts of Chapter 1 which I considered challenging are the perpetrators and their background, the reasons for doing the attacks and the plans of former Pres. Bush after the attacks. I developed a logical researching skill by understanding the motivations of the perpetrators and their background. As I went on with my research I began to develop critical thinking skills. This requires that I analyze and evaluate all the information I gathered to select which are most relevant and appropriate for the discussion of every issue in the topic of 9/11 attacks. Indeed it was tough and difficult to choose the best information for a thorough and complete discussion of the issues like the war against terror and the alleged implication of Iraq in the 9/11 attacks. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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