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The paper looks into different questions regarding contemporary art and theory. For example, it discusses the various binaries of performance, including visual analyses of artworks together with key artists, theorists, and terminology in the response…
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Contemporary art and theory
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Contemporary art and theory Discuss the various binaries of performance. Include visual analyses of artworks together with key artists, theorists, and terminology in your response
Various binaries of performance art have posed a great challenge to traditional form of visual art such as sculpture and painting. However, performance art incorporates concepts and styles from other art such as work like arts and ritual.
Vaudeville and cabaret inspired elements of Dada performance, which shows desire to embrace and appreciate popular art and mass cultural ways of dressing. Joseph Beuys adopted the term actions to describe performance art since it differentiated traditional types of entertainment found in theatres.
2. Discuss the relationship between art and everyday life, beginning with the historical avant- garde and leading up to art in the 1970s. Include visual analyses of artworks together with key artists, theorists, and terminology in your response.
Art and everyday life are related in the sense that via art people are able to express what issues affect them in their day-to-day activities. The avant-gardes such as surrealism and futurism influenced art in unique way in that via futurism; artists expressed their ideas via paintings. In the United Kingdom, artists like Gustav Metzger discovered an approach called auto destructive art where objects were violently damaged and destroyed during performances, which showed the danger of nuclear weapon destruction.
3. Analyze the role of theory in art from the 1950s to the 1970s. Be sure to address the contribution of Conceptual Art. Include visual analyses of artworks together with key artists, theorists, and terminology in your response.
Theory in art in 1950s and 1970s was used to show the true meaning of the events manifested in arts. Conceptual art is linked to American artists of 1950s and 1970s such as Lawrence Weiner, Robert Barry, and Joseph Kosuth.
Conceptual art opposed the idea of commodification of artwork and instead called for subversion of museum or gallery as the determiner of art. The art market represented the place that appreciated the works of an artist. It emphasized that a concept or idea was more significant than an artifact.
4. Compare and contrast Pop Art and Minimal Art. Include visual analyses of artworks together with key artists, theorists, and terminology in your response.
Lawrence Alloway invented the term pop art in mid 1950, which was used to describe an emerging form of popular art, which used simple, bold, vibrant block colors and daily imagery to express its ideas. Pop art was an avant-garde art, which contained certain aspects of contemporary culture and assisted to explain the divide between fine arts and commercial arts.
On the other hand, minimal art adopted the concept of Clement Greenberg. Unlike pop art, it attains its inspiration and connection from the past avant-garde, which include Russian constructivism and Dada surrealism. Peter Burger was the pioneer of minimal art. During this time, artists used their work to question the role of art.
Minimalism used the concept of abstract figuration or expressionism by stressing unity and symmetry in manner that reflect human body. In addition, minimal artists looked to establish an artwork devoid of emotional expressions Read More
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