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Contemporary theory and art - Essay Example

The paper "Contemporary theory and art" analyzes the Contemporary theory and art. Performance can be applied in social concealment or entertainment. In this regard, Yves Klien in the artwork Anthropometries depicts the natural state of a woman’s body. In this regard, the human body can be regarded as a form of art dependent on several scenarios. Evidently, the artist seeks to justify the woman body as art without an attempt of objectifying women. The implication is that, such a performance private or public as well as either collective or personal. Another feature of binary performance is that it can be presented in a non-traditional manner to the audience. Its major form of characterization is grounded on space and time. In relation to space, the performance is guided by an individual’s perception of movement. In this regard, the movement undertaken is similar to a drawing depicted on space. Furthermore, the voice employed is a character depicting several polarities. This is evident in terms of the high or low pitch of the voice. In addition, voice has the capacity to perform independently or collectively. An important measure of depicting voice is by viewing it as an internal part of the performer. Another version of binary performance is participation against no participation, low art versus high art, performance versus gallery. In this regard, classical works and paintings are distinguished from performance art. Furthermore, both the performers and audience are in the equal space.

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Contemporary Art and Theory
This essay discusses theory and contemporary art. Simply put, contemporary art is an ongoing development of artistic work building on the foundation of what has been created already. It is against this background that this essay will critically examine the contribution of legendary artists in the 1960s to 1970s in shaping what can be said to be art.
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Art Theory
While tools certainly exist to aid artistic comprehension, a painting is accessible on many levels and to many groups of people. The old adage of 'a picture is worth a thousand words' came into being precisely as a reflection of visual art's powerful impact on human beings.
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Contemporary Asia Art
Among the most important have been the opening f Tomb 3 near Anak, the excavation f numerous other tombs f the first millennium A.D., and the finds f Buddhist art in the stone stupas and near the monasteries. This extensive archaeological research by Korean scholars has done much to clarify the development f Korean art.
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Contemporary Video Art
There are many reasons why people might choose to take photographs today, including self-fulfillment to capture memories or explore artistic inclinations or for commercial purposes of various types. In general, there is a very positive attitude among those who opt to express themselves through the media of the personal camera.
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Contemporary Art
This essay discovers the contemporary art. In 1917, Marcel Duchamp said, “Art history has consistently decided upon the virtues of a work of art through considerations completely divorced from the rationalized explanations of the artist”. This view differed from the views of the past in which the intentions of the artist.
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Contemporary Art and Marcel Duchamp
This essay analyzes Marcel Duchamp and his influence on the contemporary art. He associated with various art movements like Surrealism, Dadaism and Fauvism but never identified himself with any of those. His art works are of a huge range and comprise of more than just paintings. He was interested in ideas, not merely in visual products.
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Contemporary Art Form Paper
This paper analyzes the contemporary art. A classic illustration of this phenomenon in recent history is the Iranian theocracy's issue of 'fatwa' (essentially a death sentence) against Litterateur Salman Rushdie, whose novel The Satanic Verses was accused of disparaging the Islamic faith. Yhe controversial novel should not be dismissed.
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Art theory
Paintings such as de Goya’s The Third of May are considered impressionists, portraying happenings or circumstances observed everyday. These may not be unusual
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Contemporary art and theory
This paper discusses the number of questions about the contemporary art and theory such as: the relationship between art and everyday life, beginning with the historical avant- garde and leading up to art in the 1970s, the role of theory in art from the 1950s to the 1970s. Pop Art and Minimal Art, visual analyses of artworks together.
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Japanese contemporary art and Korean contemporary art
This essay discovers the Korean and Japanese Contemporary Art. According to Abbert, noted that Japanese and Korean’s rich artistic heritage was founded on a remarkable blend of the native traditions, foreign influence especially by China, sophisticated technical skills, and exuberant human spirit. The two nations have quite similar orientations.
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The essay analyzes the contemporary art and theory. Different types of binaries of performance have posed a negative implication to traditional types of visual art like painting and sculpture. Evidently forms of Dada performance was inspired by Cabaret and Vaudeville…
Contemporary theory and art
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