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Berlin Art and Culture - Essay Example

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The essay "Berlin Art and Culture" discovers the period that known as “Rococo" in Berlin. Music, especially classical music, was also given rise in this period. Religion had determined many aspects of the art of this era and many scientific discoveries had their influence…
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Berlin Art and Culture
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Download file to see previous pages Baroque style and art forms can be understood by going through its historical context. The first modern age began in the 17th century. In the early 17th century, the Catholic Church of Rome in Italy adopted Counter-Reformation style. Later it spread to all the Roman Catholic countries throughout all the countries of Europe. Baroque is considered as an era of artistic style, which made the most use of the motion, exaggerated, and drama was produced with the clear and easy to interpreted details. Paintings, sculptures, architecture, literature, dance and music were given rise in this era. The catholic Churches helped in promoting the Baroque style as they decided that the art should be connected to the religious themes. In this era, there can be seen a drastic change in the architecture and art. The Baroque art’s characteristics consist of a sense of movement, tension and energy (Norberg-Schulz 19). The International Style in architecture emerged in Baroque period. In the Baroque period the artists attempted to rid the art of its complications as they brought the principles of clarity, balance and monumentality in the art forms by avoiding the asymmetry and distortion trends. The artists such as Annibale Carracci and Michelangelo Merisi took the art forms towards simplification. The Baroque approach always exhibited the dramatic intensity, massiveness, theatrical adventure and combination of colors. The new form included the art, integrating literature, music, drama and paintings, etc. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Berlin Art and Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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