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Berlin, as the capital city of the great nation of Germany, is a unique arena not only influential in terms of its geo-political importance, but also in terms of its economic/industrial, social and cultural influences. Aside from the governance aspect of the city, it is also…
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History of berlin and reflection
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Download file to see previous pages to be followed subsequently by its role between the years 1871-1918 A.D., in the German Empire. Between 1919 and 1933, it served as the Weimar Republic’s capital, later on serving the Third Reich between the years 1933-1945.
While the entity had held the position of 3rd largest municipality globally, WWII brought about major changes, which were to impact fundamentally, on its overall standing and role-play; not only in terms of German history, but also global geo-politics. Hence, the critical place it holds in history, and the need for its reflection on contemporary society (Gill 13).
The Kreuzberg neighborhood, part of the larger Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg borough, remains one of the prime locations, within the greater Berlin municipality. Colloquially referred to as X-Berg, the area consists primarily of two distinct areas i.e. the SO 36 and SW 61. SO 36 mainly is home to various immigrant populations, thus the divergent cultural and religious identities present. History dealt a heavy blow to this area, especially during the ‘Cold War’ Era thereby isolating the section of the former West Berlin territory. However, later it emerged as one of the city’s core cultural centers. This is critically influenced by the fact that it is in the middle of the contemporary re-unified city. This also influences the trendy nature of the neighborhood, primarily influenced by Turkish culture.
This is as a result of the populace present in the borough, with a large percentage of its populace, being second-generation individuals of Turkish ancestry. Importantly so, the neighborhood continues being an attractive area to visit, thriving on its diverse culture; with the counter-culture tradition symbolically present until this very day. Moreover, while having a shorter history than most of Berlin, the neighborhood is uniquely the most populous; ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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