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My Favorite Restaurant - Essay Example

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The taste of the food served at Los Amigos is especially exclusive and it is outstanding in terms of being traditionally Mexican and…
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My Favorite Restaurant
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Extract of sample "My Favorite Restaurant"

My favorite restaurant Los Amigos is my favorite restaurant which is located at West Berlin in New Jersey known for serving some of the best and finest Mexican cuisine. The taste of the food served at Los Amigos is especially exclusive and it is outstanding in terms of being traditionally Mexican and in terms of the regional combinations. Food at Los Amigos is fragmentized into regional Mexican, traditional Mexican, contemporary Mexican, Tex –Mex, New Mexican, contemporary southwestern, southwestern and cowboy cuisine. All Mexican food is not hot nor is all spicy. The menu at Los Amigos has evolved since 1976 to include different tastes influenced by Asian, Caribbean and Southwestern cuisine. The current menu is much contemporary with a wide range of choices that emphasizes freshness and flavor.
The history of Los Amigos dates back to 1976 when the first restaurant was opened in West Berlin. It was the first of its kind in the Delaware Valley and offered a range of traditional Mexican as well as Tex Mex dishes. A second restaurant of Los Amigos was launched in the Old City Philadelphia area in 1977. When the demand for exotic Mexican food increased and when gambling was legalized, a third Los Amigos was opened in Atlantic City in the year 1979.
The owners of Los Amigos, Curt, Pat Shemeley and Mini Taylor however sold the restaurant in Philadelphia in 1998 to focus on the reopening and renovating works of their Atlantic City restaurant in the year 1999 (About Los Amigos).
Los Amigos serves special menu daily for lunch and dinner. They offer convenient carry out service which can be ordered over phone. The hot and delicious food can be carried home or office. The restaurant offers gift certificates available always which makes a good gift for any occasion. Drink specials are available daily through the week and the full service bar features a good selection of specialty drinks and Mexican beers. The non-smoking, cozy and family friendly ambience of the restaurant is accentuated with the friendly and fast staff (Cheyenne’s favorite Mexican Restaurant since 1977).
The extensive menu at Los Amigos includes the dinner menu with a wide range of aperitivos, favorites, children’s specials, tex-mex and especialidades. Lunch menu includes starters, soups and salads, house specials and tex-mex.
Some of the aperitivos are southwest spring rolls, clams Mexicana, pan seared shrimp tequila-tabasco sauce, fundido quesadilla, crab quesadilla, wings of fire, Mexican pizza and nachos.
Salads include Caesar salad, house salad and tropical salad. Soups include black bean soups, shile santa fe and more. A wide range of favorites comprise char grilled fajitas, crab and shrimp enchilada, roast port cimichanges that go with smoked chile barbeque sauce, fish tacos, burrito sabrosa and more. Tex-mex menu include colarado burrito, Texarkana burrito, chimichanga, quesadilla grande, burrito grande, taco/enchilada plate, relleno plate, mixtec and tamale plate.
Especialidades include southwest crab cakes, pan seared shrimp, wasabi crusted tuna, oven roasted salmon with crab, chipotle pork tenderloin, gringo filet, poblano chicken, filet Serrano, filet cuervo, filet azul and more. Children’s menu includes cisco kid, loco polo, pancho villa, fried chicken tenders and non-alcoholic drinks (Menu).
Los Amigos offers an option for reservation through The restaurant resumes the Los Amigos brunch from 4th October. The $3 Margarita Tuesdays is another attraction to relieve stress at the Los Amigos bar at Berlin (Welcome to Los Amigos). The restaurant also undertakes order for parties and catering (About Los Amigos).
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