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Five Guys - Case Study Example

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The restaurant focuses on French fries, hot dogs, soft drinks, and hamburgers. Five Guys started in 1986 and with its headquarters in Lorton, Virginia. It has branches in more than 40 states in the…
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Five Guys
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Extract of sample "Five Guys"

Download file to see previous pages Originally, the restaurants name was Jerry and the sons. After beginning the business, Janie and Jerry Murrell had a fifth son, with all sons involved in running the business as the Five Guys. Together, the brothers did away with ideas of broad menus; favoring a more honest and solid buggers (DATAMONITOR 2). They pride themselves in offering non-frozen buggers, which are hand-patted from ground beef, and 80% lean. The French fries preparation occurs daily including cutting the potatoes, along with in the house and fresh buggers. The restaurant created a cult following by word of mouth. Five Guys price their burgers at four dollars; yet manage to keep their clients coming back due to their appeal for high quality and fresh food. The pricing makes the restaurants enjoy increased success in areas with higher income that cater mainly to the male demographic. Rather than, depend on conventional advertising, the company relies on the customer’s word of mouth. The product’s immediate appeal and the restaurant’s storefront ensure that they secure new franchisees and customers.
One significant advantage that Five Guy’s business model holds is the simplicity of its menu. Instead of attempting to woo more customers using new products, they prefer to serve clients with well done chips and buggers. The company has shown a desire to keep expanding (Janowitz 4). The company has opened one hundred and sixty three branches in thirteen states. It intends to add at least seventy new restaurants. The company also looks for franchise candidates, whom they evaluate by their general experience in business, degree of personality fit with the restaurant, cash flow, and net worth. Their business involves approximately two thousand five hundred square foot urban or suburban spaces. The restaurant business has also acted as effective anchors for other restaurants, educational facilities, cinemas, and grocery stores.
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Five Guys Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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...managed to produce fresh products of superior quality (Five Guys’ Burgers and Fries, n.d.). This has in turn increased their customers into a cult-like following (McKechnie, 2012). The franchise also focuses on production of healthy meals by cutting down on high fat content in their products. This is achieved by the use of natural cooking oil products and in this case peanut oil for the French fries, which ensures a healthy consumer who in turn acts as a salesperson, thus more sales. The company does not indulge into producing new products that often fail due to the method of preparation or poor reception; they stick to their well-laid policies (Welch, 2010). Original values As the business began, it...
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... business across the United States, the company follows a franchising business expansion strategy. Five Guys increased its number of locations 6 in 2002 to more than 670 in 2010 (Restaurant, 2011). The company has received several awards for its quality foods and service efficiency. Although Five Guys was rated as one of the fast developing and most profitable food chains in US in recent years, it still does little amount of business the federal government. Since Five Guys is a small business, the company has to take several actions to be able to participate in federal government contracting actions. Firstly, Five Guys has to register with the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) in order to be a federal contractor. The CCR...
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... as possible are one of the original values that Five Guys that still remains strong until today. They know that the freshness of their meats, bread and toppings is their comparative advantage that separates them from the competition. This value is still evident with every franchise of Five Guys as we can see peanuts Five Guys displays its cases of peanut oil in stacks next to the entrance door (Gilbert, 2010). And to reinforce the values of freshness and quality further, it was even reported that Five Guys are insisting on not keeping any freezers and heated lamps in their stores to be consistent with their upheld values of delivering freshest product possible (Gilbert, 2010). Their insistence of using quality and real ingredients...
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... to costly advertising and had mostly relied on a set of core values aimed at quality enhancement and customer satisfaction, which have made it accrues the top spot in this survey. In an academic context, it will be really insightful to analyze the core values that have enabled Five Guys to be so successful and profitable. Core Values to which Five Guys is Affiliated to Commitment to Quality One particular hallmark of Five Guys is the company’s commitment to high quality. Five Guys make it a point to assure that it procures the best quality ingredients. The meat used by Five Guys is lean and always fresh. The buns are fresh baked and the company procures the best quality potatoes from Idaho. The products are exclusively cooked in peanut oil...
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Five Guys Burger the philosophy that if someone is going to sell burgers and fries in a restaurant in an industry crowded with fast food chains selling burgers and fries, then they better do the products better than anyone else (Kurtz, 2012). They believed that they were in the business to sell burgers and the customers were the most important part of the business.They believed that the customers were favoring them by giving the five guys an opportunity to serve them. This helped the owners develop over 250,000 ways of ordering burger in order to reach the maximum number of customers. The chain produces burgers from freshly ground beef, which is never frozen. They also filled their menu with fat-free products, which have attracted preference from...
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.... Undoubtedly Five Guys is the leading organization in the arena of fast food production and distribution. The key reasons for the success include decentralized management, participative decision making, autonomous job structure, pay for performance and friendly work environment. The company’s tendency to integrate new technologies in its infrastructure is also playing a significant role in validating its competitive advantage. Competitive Advantage of Five Guys The company wholeheartedly accepted Michelle Obama’s moment that is supporting healthiness and cleanliness in the industry of fast food (Swarns, 2009). The market leader also took few concrete steps towards...
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... for the restaurant. In 2002, the Five Guys model was opened for franchising and expanded rapidly- over 1000 outlets were expected to open by the end of 2011, with over $1 Billion in sales (Weiss, 2011). The standard Five Guys simple and authentic vibe is strictly maintained in all the different outlets. 1. Classification of the business: Five Guys is a fast food chain of restaurants which specialize in the three items of hamburgers, fries and hotdogs. However, their menu pricing, quality and service type places them in the sub category of fast casual dining. Fast Casual is used to describe service outlets which do not offer full table service but there is an expectation of better food quality and atmosphere than fast food restaurants...
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Five Guys

...omers as the marketing of the restaurant was done through word of mouth. The satisfied customers were quite impressed by the way the food quality was maintained and the food itself made them market the product amongst their relatives which helped in increasing the number of customers. During 2002, the company decided to franchise their business with a plan of expanding at a very high rate of opening more than one thousand franchises towards the late 2011. The business even made a plan of making over one billion US dollars in sales. The plan was made along with the idea of maintaining the same quality of food and service in all the outlets they planned to start. Classifying Five Guys Five Guys started operating as a restaurant and...
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The Jaguar to Ford history: Jaguar began designing and manufacturing automobiles in the early 1920s. Over the next few decades, Jaguar grew into one of the leading European status symbols of wealth and style. Unfortunately, this status symbol became tarnished as the quality of Jaguar vehicles be...
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