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Gourmet review about Great wall Chinese food (experts review) - Essay Example

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Since its existence, its food has been exquisite and very fresh which is important for the health of individuals. Its food has been modified to include…
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Gourmet review about Great wall Chinese food (experts review)
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Extract of sample "Gourmet review about Great wall Chinese food (experts review)"

Gourmet review about Great wall Chinese food The Great Wall Chinese Food Restaurant specializesin Chinese cuisines and has its branches in several locations in the US. Since its existence, its food has been exquisite and very fresh which is important for the health of individuals. Its food has been modified to include healthy menu which encourages people to be healthy while enjoying great food at the same time (Azcentral 2015).
I liked the food provided in the restaurant as it not only favors one generation of people but catches on others as well. The food can therefore be said to be multi-generation and can be enjoyed by an extended family comfortably. The staff in this restaurant is simply adorable catering to every need of the customers without having to be asked twice about the same thing. Their service is also faster compared to other Chinese restaurants and hence encouraging people to come back again for excellent service (Tripadvisor 2015).
The pricing is just right and within the normal pricing range of other Chinese restaurants. This is despite the personalized services offered to the customers whether it is during peak or off peak hours (The Examiner, 2012). They also offer specials which is effective and convenient for those customers in a hurry and have no time to start looking at the menu and deciding what to eat or take away. The specials are also sometimes new menus which increases the diversity of their foods (Schwab, 2015).
With the competition in Chinese restaurants, what makes this restaurant stand out other than the quality location with good atmosphere is the fact that they serve special vegetarian food on Mondays (Lyness, 2013). This provides a chance for the unhealthy eaters to indulge in healthy food once a week as well as cater for the vegetarian population.
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