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Aesthetic Tactic: Less Is More - Essay Example

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The paper “Aesthetic Tactic: Less Is More” seeks to evaluate an aesthetic tactic of bringing together many necessary components of a composition to create an impression of much simplicity. In this design, every element is enlisted to serve a multiple visual purpose…
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Aesthetic Tactic: Less Is More
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"Aesthetic Tactic: Less Is More"

Download file to see previous pages However, if the idea is made simple and clear, with an aesthetic sense, it can therefore be a good visual representation which fully communicates the intended message. This ideology is seconded by Alex Reuben who argued that, “simple is the best” and that “less is more” (Petersons (Firm: 2006- ), 2009. Pg.41).
This course has much emphasis on creative thinking. Besides the common skills of branding and printing, the newly developed aspect on creative thinking develops an innovative character in an individual. It can impact a bird’s sight which enables one to think beyond the field and observe things in a wider perspective. This aspect increases one’s sensitivity to all kinds of visual elements including billboards, visual effects banner and movie editing. Such visual elements are found to be much attractive and may draw one’s attention in his day to day life.
Progression is an important aspect in the life of a person. Most importantly, there is need to have a growing ambition, varying with different ages. For example, ate the age of six, my ambition was to be a cook. At seven I wanted to be a Napoleon. With much inspiration from the society, I would remain much ambitious and work towards the improvement of my art until I get to the diamond grading program in HK GIA in the month of July. According to Salvador Dali, intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings. It is important to seek motivation which enhances achievement of our aims. The near future was better comprised of a combination of creative thinking, visual language and an academic gemological knowledge in the luxury field (Petersons (Firm: 2006- ), 2009. Pg.56).
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