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Sweden in Review - Essay Example

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This essay describes Sweden human history is about 10,000 years and began after the melting of the Scandinavian icesheet. The tribes of central Europe migrated into south of Sweden to form the Swedes while the Sami people came in the northern region from Siberia…
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Sweden in Review
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Extract of sample "Sweden in Review"

Download file to see previous pages Sweden is located in Northern Europe within the Scandinavian region. It is between Finland and Norway in the north, and borders the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Bothnia, Kattegat and Skagerrak in the other sides. The country experiences temperate climate in the south, with notable cold, cloudy winters as well as, cool and partly cloudy summers in the northern region. The family unit is extremely significant in Sweden as it defines issues such as children rights and care. For instance, the father or mother is entitled to a leave until the newly born child reaches age of 18 months. Sweden presents a very family friendly environment in most establishments where structures such as play areas for children are observed. The parents have right of up to 60 days off to care for their children when sick, indicating the significance of the parental role. The society is observably modernized, with each family unit living independently, within the urban regions. In the interior settings, the family observes nuclear setting of living. The society of Sweden also observes the role of courtship and marriage which take notable grace time for the partners in the relationship. However, the concern of the female and male roles remains as males are evidently paid better and have more leverages in the social setting. The female roles of being the nurtures does not prevent them from undertaking social responsibilities. The Education Act in Sweden regulates the school system to ensure that there is secure and friendly learning environment for the students. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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