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Stylistically, Australia is a blend of Lurhmanns trademark pantomime theatricality with various cinematic epics and genres ... This approach, and the wild fluctuations in tone that accompany it, ensures that nothing is explored. (Phillips) Discus - Essay Example

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This approach, and the wild fluctuations in tone that accompany it, ensures that nothing is explored.” (Phillips)
The film ‘Australia’ was set…
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Stylistically, Australia is a blend of Lurhmanns trademark pantomime theatricality with various cinematic epics and genres ... This approach, and the wild fluctuations in tone that accompany it, ensures that nothing is explored. (Phillips) Discus
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"Stylistically, Australia is a blend of Lurhmanns trademark pantomime theatricality with various cinematic epics and genres ... This approach, and the wild fluctuations in tone that accompany it, ensures that nothing is explored. (Phillips) Discus"

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In the film, Nicole Kidman acts solely as Lady Ashley who is a rich noble lady and owning Faraway Downs which is a cattle station in Australia. Also, there is Brandon Walters who has been featured as Nullah, a boy of mixed-race who is orphaned during the start of the movie and very handsome but poor cattle herder who is Hugh Jackman starring as the Drover.
In the movie, Nullah is living a life of uncertainty due to the government policy of all taking all Aboriginal children of mixed race and giving them to the whites to stay there. Nullah finds refuge with Lady Ashley and the Drover, who are now lovers. Nullah is separated from his de facto parents during the Darwin Japanese bombing of February 1942. They are later reunited. (
Through the film, Luhrmann has created a sensation of thriller, disturbance, touch, laughter and heartbreak. ‘Australia’ produces a Manichean allegory due to the blending of various styles, tones and genres. Fletcher and Lady Ashley play the battle between good and evil. The body of Nullah is the battlefield and they want to win the soul of Australia. Fletcher is obsessed with evil and kills Lord Ashley and King Carney, exploits sexually aboriginal women, and beats up Nullah. He attempts to kill and also lives where the Japanese will bomb. Fletcher is therefore portrayed evil (Hogan, 2010).
There is the element of music in the film. It is eclectic including Elton John, the Glenn Miller Orchestra among many others. Luhrmann has come up with original songs for the movie from sampling of various songs. It is a pastiche that has been arranged from diverse classes of genre, wide variety of melodic forms, allusions from the film and others. Luhrmann’s use of these devices ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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