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The essay explores the grunge in fashion. Madonna, the most celebrated pop icon of the 1980s, who represents women’s unquenched desire to be free and articulating, has become controversial because of how she defied conventions both in her music and in her appearance…
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Fashion 1980 - Grunge Fashion
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Grunge Fashion: The Evolution from 1980s to Now Affiliation with more information about affiliation, research grants, conflict of interest and how to contact
Grunge Fashion: The Evolution from 1980s to Now
Madonna, the most celebrated pop icon of the 1980s, who represents women’s unquenched desire to be free and articulating, has become controversial because of how she defied conventions both in her music and in her appearance, especially through Grunge Fashion Outfits
(Ciccone, 2012)
On the one hand, Grunge pop culture represents the human tendency to revolt against the established codes of conduct and to find expression of one’s feelings through defying social norms. On the other hand, it heralds women’s yearning to get rid of the traditional image the society conferred on them. Grunge fashion encapsulates the emotion of a generation and articulates its expression through garments and apparels.
(Grunge Grows Up for Spring, 2013)
While the 1990s Grunge clothing has retained some elements from the previous decade, the influence of the “sophisticated, uptown aesthetics” becomes prominently pronounced, especially in designs of eminent designers such as Dries Van Noten (Grunge Grows Up for Spring, 2013). On the other hand, designers like Philip Lim have focused on blending the “nostalgic and modern” and combining the aesthetics of floral patterns with silk material and graphic T-shirts with printed skirts (Grunge Grows Up for Spring, 2013). Outfits like these epitomize the modern women’s zeal towards a carefree life that softens the recalcitrant zest of the females of the previous decade. Grunge fashion thus challenges the conventions and allows women to make their statement against the traditional male dominance
(For the Love of Grunge, 2009)
During the 2000s, style icons like Kate Moss have brought evolutionary changes in Grunge style by transforming it into a “modern wearable style” (For the Love of Grunge, 2009). Thus, what once has been considered as outrageous has become a norm in fashion, allowing women the freedom to express themselves through their dresses and apparels.
(Vivinetto, 2013)
Grunge, the “uniform of alternative rockers” and the young adults of the previous two decades returns with all its popular appeal in the 2010s and celebrated designers begin to “serve up grunge on the catwalk” (Vivinetto, 2013). Many women, who cherish the nostalgia of this cult, view it as a “natural order of things” that the passion of their young age has come back with a firm statement to take their teenage daughters by storm (Vivinetto, 2013). Thus, in the present day, Grunge fashion has become a platform for elder women to celebrate their quest for their freedom through their daughters who embrace a cult their mothers cherished. Grunge enables women to pass the saga of their struggle from one generation to the other to carry forth to next.
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