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Arabian Oryx in Arabian Peninsula and UAE - Assignment Example

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This paper "Arabian Oryx in Arabian Peninsula and UAE" focuses on the fact that the length of birth of Arabian Oryx species in Arabian Peninsula and UAE and their development, the manner of living, and going around the desert how they traverse and enjoy their freedom.  …
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Arabian Oryx in Arabian Peninsula and UAE
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Download file to see previous pages In common usage of the term, biodiversity is normally used to explain entire species living in the specified area. If taken into consideration the largest region, the whole world, then a summary of biodiversity is termed as the life on earth. In conservation and evaluation biodiversity has four main types of diversities that are considered as landscape, ecological, species and generic. The varieties of these levels, as well as variability among or within them, are essential biodiversity concepts. Understanding these dynamics of the elements of complexity in time for the diverse ecosystems of the earth and habitats is very hard and in the field of scientific research. Despite losing the complexity of biodiversity concepts as well as dynamics, to the lowest level, as species go to form the biological diversity (Lachman et al., 2007).
To go beyond this assessment of previous achievements, nonetheless, two obvious need of research is required. They are: to understand and improve the incentives and motives behind the biodiversity loss and protection and to improve new methods to optimize the multiple utilization of biodiversity, considering possible conflicts as well as trade-offs for the benefit of acquisition of scientific knowledge and enrichment.
Hence, a qualitative maintenance of ecological balance would accentuate the minutest aspects of compatibility with species that are absolutely prevalent in females and males. This is meant for the purposes of maintenance of balance within the family and also maintaining balance in ecology. The conceptual clarity on the categories of the family of Oryx is required for analysis of their suitability and examination of an understanding. Such an understanding substantiates a positive thrust in maintaining balance in nature for the purposes of development of species. The UAE has organized various breeding pairs consisting of captured ones for the purposes of maintaining a positive outlook for the balanced ecological system by ensuring non-poaching and limitation of hunting for enabling destruction for the purposes of freedom and ensuring behaviour that would augment the jeopardy of endangered species.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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