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Saudi Arabia's geography offers more opportunities than constraints - Essay Example

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Saudi Arabia is an extensive nation in the Middle East and extensively occupies Arabian Peninsula. It borders the Red Sea and Persian Gulf (Saudi Arabia, 2015). The…
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Saudi Arabias geography offers more opportunities than constraints
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Extract of sample "Saudi Arabia's geography offers more opportunities than constraints"

SAUDI ARABIAS GEOGRAPHY SAUDI ARABIAS GEOGRAPHY I agree that Saudi Arabias geography provides the country with extra opportunities for growth than constraints. Saudi Arabia is an extensive nation in the Middle East and extensively occupies Arabian Peninsula. It borders the Red Sea and Persian Gulf (Saudi Arabia, 2015). The unique geographic positioning of the nation offers potentials for economic, social, and political development and the nation’s overall sustainability in the global perspectives. Notably, the geographic location provides Saudi Arabia with opportunities for developing an accessible market. The vast coastline offers potentials for transport, and the unique geographic features are untapped tourist attraction sites that can significantly develop the country. The paper, therefore, analyzes the positives of the location of Saudi Arabia in world geography as opposed to the perceived hindrances. It aims to instill information that Saudi Arabia is a land of opportunities, and the location is a blessing in disguise.
Strategic market for Middle East nations
As highlighted, Saudi Arabia is a big country in the Middle East. It borders seven countries some of which are Iraq, Oman, United Arabs Emirates (UAE), Jordan, and Peoples Republic of Yemen. The exceptional topographical location provides Saudi Arabia with opportunities for becoming the accessible and strategic market for west and east. The extensive boundaries also enhance the nation’s capacity to accommodate many products and the population is an ideal market for commodities from this nations. Therefore, the positioning is an excellent opportunity for market development and subsequent growth into an economic powerhouse of the Middle East.
Extensive coastlines
Saudi Arabia borders large continental water masses. Particularly, it has a vast coastline on the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. The exclusive feature offers magnificent control in shipping and water transport. Specifically, the nation can benefit more by establishing structures for shipping crude oil from the region to other parts of the world. Likewise, the positioning makes it a transit route for export and import goods for other nations in the area. Utilizing the sea and developing sophisticated transport channels are some of the opportunities at the disposal of the Saudi Government. Hence, the coastline has great potentials of making Saudi Arabia a prominent logistic and transport center if well managed.
The Arabia peninsula and the Desert
Saudi Arabia has assorted geographic structures that include grasslands, ranges forests, mountain, and deserts. Most of Saudi Arabia landmass comprises of desert. In addition, the country expansively occupies the Arabian Peninsula. These geographic formations are perfect tourist attraction sites in the region. Global marketing of the sites can make the nation an international tourist destination and earn the nation plenty of foreign revenues. The Peninsula has steady crystalline rocks that are only visible in the region (Walker, 2010). Moreover, the desert plantations and mountains that run parallel to the Red Sea through to the Persian Gulf are excellent attractions. Maximizing the benefits of the geological features is crucial to enhancing the development of Saudi Arabia.
In conclusion, Saudi Arabia’s inimitable geographic landscapes provide the nation and the world with distinct advantages for development. The attributes couple with the plenty gas and oil supplies have the potentials to facilitate unmatched development. In contrast with the perceived hindrances, the border, coastline, and other environmental features each have varied potentials including possibilities of extremely efficient transport networks.
Saudi Arabia. (2015). Retrieved March 18, 2015, from National Geographic:
Walker, J. (2010). Oman, UAE & Arabian Peninsula. Footscray, Vic: Lonely Planet. Read More
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