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From the paper "Movie Industry and the Education Sector" it is clear that to be a good producer, he or she should be a good decision maker and a prompt thinker. There are other professions in the movie industry as it is in other industries, such as accountants, business managers, talent scouts…
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Movie Industry and the Education Sector
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The movie industry comprises actors, directors, producers, promoters, marketers and the support crew. Even though it is conceived that actors are the bulk of the movie industry, they do not make the majority. Behind the scenes of a movie, there exist a lot of other people. Through its continued impacts, education has shown the heroism of selfless dedication to a worthy cause.

Education has raised the standards of the movie industry. In the past, most actors did not have to go to school to succeed in the industry, but there is now a growing number of colleges training actors and actresses. The colleges offer specialized courses where students are imparted with skills relative to their interests. Professionals with perfected skills make the movie industry more reliable (Lumet, 2003).

Secondly, education enhances the growth of skill. To become a good actor or actress, one needs to work hard towards perfecting his/her performance. Talent is important for an actor or actress and school only enhances the individual’s ability to take apart and be it. It assists a person to perfect his act. To become a good director, one also needs to be a good manager as they are supposed to manage the movie-making process. Directors supervise everything from the financials of the casting and shooting to the actors and actresses until the movie is completed and is ready for viewing. Producers require a good eye for detail. They need to be well trained in the arts. 

The movie industry is a billion-dollar industry and more often than not, professionals give back to the communities in terms of donations, scholarships, and even inspiration. There are other ways in which the educational sector benefits but these are among the direct benefits (Medavoy & Young, 2010). Read More
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