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The Man in the White Suit - Movie Review Example

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In the paper “The Man in the White Suit” the author analyses a satirical comedy film and a house production of Earling studios. The film cast includes Sidney Stratton, (Alec Guinness), a maverick scientist working in a textile mill. Alan Birnley (Cecil Parker) as the liberal mill owner…
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The Man in the White Suit
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Extract of sample "The Man in the White Suit"

Download file to see previous pages Professional and personal traits: Sidney Stratton is seen as a genius, brilliant but very eccentric scientist. He is an entrepreneurial, visionary research chemist. He is a former Cambridge Scholarship recipient, who has been dismissed from jobs at several textile mills because of his demands for expensive facilities and his obsession with inventing an everlasting fabric. He is a People’s man, who dreams of a common man’s ease of buying a suit that will never wear out, repel dirt and is extremely luminous giving it a new look no matter how many times it is worn. Sidney also sees this invention as his ticket to fame and wants the world to know about it. He is heroic and does not get disappointed in the failure of his fabric but is shown working instantly to correct the error. He is a continuous innovator and a diligent researcher. He possesses traits of creative people like attraction to complexity, high levels of energy, independence, strong self-confidence. Type of engineering and technology used: The engineering material used in his textile fiber is a mixture of natural, synthetic fiber, polymer fiber, and silicon fiber. His methods also emphasize on automation of the whole textile process. Since natural fibers are biodegradable over time, Sidney uses other fibers to increase its lifetime and give the fiber interesting properties such as being stain-free, dirt free and does not wear out. Polymer fibers are a subset of man-made fibers, which are based on synthetic chemicals rather than arising from natural materials by a purely physical process. These are long chain molecules which undergo a chemical reaction with synthetic materials and silica. The researcher also mixes radioactive materials which give striking properties to the fiber. Creativity: Sidney’s ability to generate new ideas in an existing fabric is displayed vividly in his innovation of the textile fabric. The final outcome of Sidney’s research is unbelievable dirt-free fiber, the fabric of which gives off everlasting cleanliness because the fiber does not become dirty. It is not degradable over time which keeps it stain free and stays new every time it is worn. Due to radioactive materials used in the fiber, the fabric cannot absorb any dye and is also slightly luminous, thus, a suit made out of it is brilliantly white. The success of outcomes: Sidney’s research blooms fruitful and gives him success in the creation of a fabric that will make consumers life very happy. This innovation is Sidney’s ticket to fame, money, and recognition in the textile world. It will also open up new ventures as the fiber might be used in other manufacturing materials. This will increase Sidney’s success in not only the textile industry but other sectors as well. The common man will highly appreciate the outcome of this research and Sidney’s real success lies in decreasing the need to purchase a new fabric each time the old one wears out. Acquisition and use of knowledge: Sidney is sabotaged by labor unions and mill owners when they find out about his invention of the fabric. The lynch mob of bosses and workers hunt Sidney down through dark, narrow streets to acquire his invention or the formula. The company through hostile take-over tries to force Guinness to sign over the invention to them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Man in the White Suit Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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