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The essay analyzes what was the role of theosophy in German expressionism. Theosophy refers to the arrangements made when seeking knowledge directly from the obscurity of humans and nature. This field lays special emphasis on the divinity of their nature…
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The Role Of Theosophy In German Expressionism
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What Was The Role Of Theosophy In German Expressionism? Theosophy refers to the arrangements made when seeking knowledge directly from the obscurity of humans and nature. This field lays special emphasis on the divinity of their nature. This field also concerns itself with knowledge that’s hidden and responsible for offering individuals within the society with their salvation. A theosophist is a person who seeks to comprehend the ambiguity that exists in the world along with the bonds joining the world to the humans and the celestial creations (Lasko 113).
In German expressionism, the act of theosophy was used to explore areas of the mind, the religions practiced along with their sciences. German expressionism was concerned about the relationship that existed between arts, community, and politics along with the popular cultures among their people (Lasko 127). Theosophy played a vital role in enabling the expressionists who were viewed as rejecting the traditional ways of doing things in Germany into developing modern forms of art. It was used by various artists in Germany to create harmonious relationships which would purify their soul’s. An example of such an artist was Kandinsky who used theosophy to lay greater emphasis on his influences from impressionist perspectives. The artists during the period of the German expressionism used theosophy to also show the people through their works of arts that humans were entering into a newer spiritual age. It was used in theatres and art centers to expound to the people on the hidden knowledge behind divinity and how best it could be achieved (Lasko 132). Theosophy was also used in the political field to advocate for social reforms due to the impacts of the wars the Germans had been involved in. It also helped the artists across various theatres to advocate for reforms across their cultural, economic and political fields. An example of an artist who used theosophy for such purposes was Rudolf Steiner.
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Lasko, Peter. The Expressionist Roots of Modernism, 2003. Manchester: Manchester university Press. Read More
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