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Go Down, Moses and Star Wars on Imperialism and Colonialism - Essay Example

Colonialism and imperialism have similarities but they also have differences at the same time. Colonialism is said to be the expansion of power by conquering new lands and gaining control over them. In short, colonialism “is a system of direct political, economic, and cultural control by a powerful country over a weaker one,”. On the other hand, imperialism is defined by Webster as “The policy, practice or advocacy of seeking to extend the control, dominion or empire of a nation,”. Colonialism seeks the control and gain of power directly while imperialism can be indirectly by formation of the alliances and treaties among nations. Imperialism gains control of another country by a formal way through creation of the empires or less formal by using economic and military threats to dominate another country. Both domination and hunger of power were seen in The Bear as seen in Go Down, Moses and in the empire of Star Wars saga.
The death of the Bear Dear Old Ben had shown how an empire fell down. The power that once the great bear of the forest had for years were stopped by Boon. Also Ike had the thoughts on rise and fall of empire through out the storyline as he kept on checking the ledger left by his predecessors. He did not accept the inheritance of the land and he became a carpenter. Colonialism is directly seen in The Bear as the fellow men of Ike killed Dear Old Ben. On the other hand, Star Wars showed how imperialism fell when Darth Vader died due to the lightning released by Palpatine to

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kill Luke Skywalker.The death of Darth Vader who regained the consciousness as Anakin before he died led to the fall of the empire.


This paper considers the death of the Bear Old Ben and what it meant for the three characters hunting him as well as semblance for the death of Imperialism/colonialism in Faulkner's "Go Down, Moses" and the fall of the Empire in the Star Wars saga…
Go Down, Moses and Star Wars on Imperialism and Colonialism
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