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The description of decolonization by Cesaire in his work Discourse on Colonialism - Research Paper Example

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Cesaire in his work “Discourse on Colonialism” criticizes the European civilization arguing that it has proven incapable of solving the problems it has created as it has ignored the most crucial problems that came with it. He argues that the so called Western civilization brought about by the Europeans lacks any reason or conscience as it has just entrenched the bourgeois rule of the proletariat…
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The description of decolonization by Cesaire in his work Discourse on Colonialism
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"The description of decolonization by Cesaire in his work Discourse on Colonialism"

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The capitalism associated with the colonization did not establish any concept of assuring those who were colonized of their rights nor did it impart a system of individual ethics in them as thought (Cesaire 37). These were the ideals that bourgeois following Hitler teachings of, tried to pass onto people colonized in the guise of civilization. Colonization therefore never happened out of innocence and all efforts were used to subdue the locals in some instances through butcheries and massacres. For example, the French through the leadership of Colonel de Montagnac justified invading and capturing Algeria through massacring and maiming a large number of the population resident there. Similarly, General Gerard captured Ambike by shooting all the inhabitants of the particular town and razing it (Cesaire 40). The effect of colonization on the colonized has been minimal, as .none of the nations that were colonized has appreciated the civilizations. The colonized do not feel that the colonialists brought any form of security or the rule of law but see some form of cruelty and sadism in the way the civilization was introduced (Cesaire 42). Imperialism through the colonialist played a key role in destroying the societies they found in place by making the citizens they found there undergo a lot of suffering and torture. This is contrary to how they found the societies in the sense that the societies that were colonized had lived communally and was not capitalist in nature; neither were the societies run in an autocratic way as they have developed afterwards and in the course of the colonization (Cesaire 44). Mohandas Gandhi in “The Practice of Satyagraha” advocated for self-rule by the Indians through a concept known as which would bring a society free of exploitation and void of civilization based on mechanization that the Europeans had used to enslave most parts of Asia and Africa. Since 1919, emboldened by the Wilsonian doctrine of self determination, Gandhi had always wanted independence from the British colonial rule (Gandhi 227) but they strongly opposed it as they desperately wanted to hold onto the Indian sub-continent due to its strategic location and resources. Gandhi had realized that the British government played a trick of divide and rule as a way of colonizing India by playing the differences of the Hindu with the Muslims and therefore he added for their cooperation to defeat the British colonial rule through non-violent protest. In 1997 the Congress Party of India won the elections attributed to the efforts of Gandhi and later India was able to get her independence from Britain in 1946 (Gandhi 228). Satyagraha excludes the use of force or violence for any form of resistance but relies on the people exercising restraint by being humble and seeking the guidance of God in the struggle (Gandhi 230). This means that there is resistance but the non-cooperationist strives to translate ideas into action relying on the correctness of his position. Though there were Indians both of Hindu and Muslim religion who advocated for violence as a means of the struggle, Gandhi strongly opposed it as it was not justified in the teachings of the Mahabharata and the Koran unless necessary ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Description of Decolonization by Cesaire in His Work Discourse on Research Paper)
The Description of Decolonization by Cesaire in His Work Discourse on Research Paper.
“The Description of Decolonization by Cesaire in His Work Discourse on Research Paper”, n.d.
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