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Paper 2 Humanities - Essay Example

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The Impressionists’ Genre of Painting Introduction While painting, different artists use different styles, and as such, the style determines the genre of their work. Over the years, due to the revolution of the art of painting, there has been an evolution of different painting genres…
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Paper 2 Humanities
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"Paper 2 Humanities"

Download file to see previous pages Informatively, this essay discusses artists of the impression, a genre used by modern artists more often than the traditional art genre. Additionally, it will analyze an example of a work of art belonging to this genre by a renowned artist, Edgar Degas. History of the impressionists Nobody ever thought that what began as an insult in the year 1874 would grow into an internationally recognized and accepted genre of art. Impressionists were a diverse group of artists rejected by the art establishment, but were so much in love with art to give up. Determined to express themselves and prove their skills, they established their own exhibition, which allowed bright and multicolored paintings, which were different from the traditional exhibition art works. Impressionism, as artists of the French art exhibition described them, were artists too lazy to complete their paintings for gallery exhibition. These artists had no opportunity to stage their work in the French gallery. Most of them felt that the rules of exhibiting paintings in the art gallery were too rigid, allowing them no freedom of personal expression (Gonzales, et. al. 203). They believed that art was fun, but with the gallery defining rules for exhibition, it lost its interesting part, becoming a boring exercise. Characteristics of the impressionists The subject matter and technique of painting are the characterizing features of impressionist artists. Modernity is what the impressionists sought to express in their paintings (Moffett 86). Typically, they painted landscapes and scenes from both modern urban and suburban life, expressed in pure and bright colors. Preferring the use of the outdoor setting rather than a studio, these artists captured the actual setting they were presently in, in their paintings (Gonzales, et. al. 204). This made their work more engaging and interesting, unlike the studio artists, as the audience could relate to it better and more easily. Their work demonstrated the activities of everyday life, especially the middle class. In their paintings, they showed activities such as shopping, working, strolling, leisure, among other activities such as love. However, most of the impressionists painted about nature (Moffett 86). Their paintings were so simple that one did not require the services of an interpreter to know the ideas behind the reasoning of an artist (Gonzales, et. al. 204). Additionally, the simple nature of their artwork identified each artist with their work, an element absent from the traditional art genre. Significance of the impressionists Despite criticisms that the impressionists artists faced, they played a big role in the revolution of the modern art. The determination in which they had in fighting for their voice in art world paid off when the audience started appreciating their work. Although their first few exhibition projects did not pay off, the impressionists held top their dream of making their style known to the people (Salvi et al. 4). Now, modern artwork incorporates many features and characteristics of the impressionists’ artwork features. Modern artists freely use color, and prefer landscaping, urban and suburban lifestyles in their work. Some imaginatively however incorporate culture in their artwork. Salvi et al. (5) point out that the introduction of a new style of painting also did away with interpreters. In the French gallery, there were painting interpreters who guided the audience in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Paper 2 Humanities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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