2 Artists Lena Kurvska and Marcus Krackowizer in Relation to the Notion of Chance - Research Paper Example

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Research 2 artists Lena Kurvska and Marcus Krackowizer in relation to the notion of chance Tutor Class name Date Artists create paintings by applying paint, color, and pigment to a surface with a brush although they use other objects. The term painting in art refers to the act of painting as well as the product of the action…
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Research 2 Artists Lena Kurvska and Marcus Krackowizer in Relation to the Notion of Chance
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Download file to see previous pages This paper evaluates the representational artistic expressions through the still life painting of Lena Kurovska and abstract paintings of Marcus Krackowizer. 1. Lena Kurovska Lena Kurovska is a painting artist from Ukraine and was born in 1969. She attended Kiev State Art School between 1980 and 1987 where she studies classical drawing and composition. A decade later, she graduated from the National Academy of Art and Architecture. Lena’s paintings exhibit nationally and internationally. Lena Kurovska was influenced by the works of impressionist while in National Academy of Art and Architecture. She concentrates on still-lives and landscapes, which are painted wherever she travels. Since she is a traveler, she deals with external objects like other expressionists. These objects include scenes of relaxation, objects of daily lives and so on (Moffett 142). This quality is visible and evident from her still life painting called still life with bread of 2005 and the Christmas still life of 2006. Both are oil paintings, which feature ordinary objects in our daily life. Lena does her still-live paintings on location, and she uses oils, pastel, and acrylics. Her paintings are done in impressionists style with all her canvases being light, lyrical colorful, and warm. Like other expressionists, Lena’s paintings have very short strokes of paint, which are thinly applied in a way that the strokes are visible (Mayer 312.). Her paintings also have rough texture on the surface and have visible patches of paint in various locations. This impressionist style is evident in the painting still life with bread where a more general image effect is created in the subject without the true-to-life accuracy. Like any other expressionist, Lena’s goal of her works is to catch the eye of her art viewers through use of bright colors, and bring their viewers close to their subject through their composition. In these two paintings, Lena uses bright colors and mixes them to create shadows and dark patches by applying different shades of complimentary colors. Her impressionist style is evident in her use of colored shadows and her saturation is colors, which creates vividness that detailed paintings could not achieve (Rosenblum 220). Since she hopes to bring her viewers closer to her subject, in each of the above four paintings, she does not rely on the notion of symmetry and for example the first two display a high horizontal line that creates a plunging perspective and the subject of the painting is not centered. Before the emergence of impressionists, painters placed their composition in such a way that the main subject guided the viewer’s attention (Rewald 323). Impressionists go against this notion and relax the boundary between the subject and the background, and the impressionist’s painting resembles a snapshot and a portion of a big reality, which is as if captured by chance (Rosenblum 228.). For example, Lena’s painting, for example the still life with bread is just a portion of a prepared table. Viewing this painting gives the viewer a feeling that something is left out in the snap, and that the view is as if was captured by chance. 2. Marcus Krackowizer Marcus Krackowizer is a British artist who lives in the UK. This artist started painting full time less than a decade ago. The artist broke his neck although, he says, did not affect his ideas he develops in his works. I addition to his original paintings, he has published his full and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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