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The Artistic Appropriation in an Effective Manner - Research Paper Example

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This particular research is based around the question that does artistic appropriation and collage works stifled by the modern interpretation of copyrights. In order to answer this research question, I used the qualitative method to develop an argument from the right holders' point of view…
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The Artistic Appropriation Research in an Effective Manner
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Extract of sample "The Artistic Appropriation in an Effective Manner"

Download file to see previous pages In order to develop my argument and to strengthen it along the way, I took help from the various literature that was available on the electronic journals and periodicals. These researches provided a strong base for this research and developed the initial path for this research to reach its destination. The culture of artistic appropriation in the historical times was compared with the modern to shed light on the differences that have arisen in terms of the law, perspective and practice. My strong focus was on the legal history of copyright law. I surveyed the treaties and agreements that govern copyright law, domestically and internationally to develop an international viewpoint instead of remaining limited to one aspect only. Significantly, my research is based on the United Kingdom’s copyright laws along with international treaties. The study of the UK laws provided time and space to develop a strong analysis of the modern copyright law application. In case, the scope of the study was spread over various countries, it would have become impracticable as well as less effective. The data collected from other countries would be time-consuming, costly as well as of low quality. Therefore, I focused on the practice of copyright laws in the UK and their impact on UK artists only. I relied on the recent and landmark judgements related to the artistic appropriation cases both involving artist Jeff Knows. The cases dealt with the act of copyright infringement through artistic appropriation and the related judgements which affected such cases in the future. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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