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Visual Analysis and critical reflection - Research Paper Example

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[Professor Name] [Course Number] [Professor Name] [Date] 3D Designers Out of the many 3D painters of the world, Mueller is known to be one of the best street painters. He used the photoluminescent paints for the first time and created a history at the Sarasota Chalk Festival by painting an image that changed from day to night…
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Visual Analysis and critical reflection
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Download file to see previous pages At the age of 16 he won a street painting competition that he entered into. He believes he is an autodidact who learns by doing. He has studied the techniques of old masters of street painting and started to make it his profession. Today he is a street painter and does not paint conventionally anymore. His early paintings led him to the title ‘maestro madonnari’ which means master street painter, and these paintings were mostly two-dimensional. As the street art developed, the three dimensional paintings came into effect. Muller first painted in 3D on a client’s car. He was eventually inspired by the ideas of Julian Beever and Kurt Wenner. He started painting illusion in 3D street paintings and his skills and drawing techniques made him the best in the world (WebUrbanist, 2013). Lava burst (Bored Panda, 2013) Mueller uses the street as his canvas and literally involves the viewers to the imagery. He uses hundreds of square meters of the pavement and paints to challenge the perceptions of the street walkers. This 3D painting of a lava burst was painted by Mueller on the 30th anniversary of international competition of street painters held in Geldern, Germany. He painted a large sized picture once more and created scenery which appeared apocalyptic. Mueller was 25 years old when he had given his entire life to street painting. He made several paintings all around Europe and aimed to earn through the transitory art. He became an organizer and committee member for street painting festivals and also set up the Internet board for street painters of Germany. This was a forum which promoted the solidarity amongst the various German street painters. He also presented the master works of old painters to people in his studio and drew perfect copied of those paintings. With the help of the old painters’ works, Mueller helped the ones interested in paintings to understand the depth of the art. Ice Age (Bored Panda, 2013) This is one of the best works of Mueller and was completed in 5 days. It is a huge picture of the ice age and shows creative illusion. He needed about five assistants who helped him all day long in painting the huge painting. The illusion was painted by the application of the anamorphic technique to the huge pavement. The picture is approximately 250 square meters large. This was the most challenging painting made by Mueller and it was created for the Festival of World Culture in Ireland (2008). This painting was the most challenging one for Mueller because of the weather conditions of Ireland. Ireland’s weather often fluctuates and usually there are four seasons felt in one day. Sunshine, hailstorm and rain all were experienced within few hours. Mueller and his team of assistants did not think that they would get through with the painting, but they accepted the challenge and completed it. The street painters often face the difficulties with coping with weather conditions because all of their work is out on the streets. Rain is usually the biggest element to fight as the use of paints and chalks is done for these paintings. If the rain spoiled the painting overnight, Mueller would usually start a new one. Hence the weather issues are not a problem for Mueller as he says “once a painting is done, I somehow lose interest in it. It’s done and for me it is up to go for the next” (WebUrbanist, 2013). Gradually the changing trends have also redirected the interest of Mueller in his paintings. Thus he has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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