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Using appropriate theories and concepts, critically evaluate the value of the notion of reflection in your own self development - Essay Example

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Reflective thinking is an important aspect of all levels of life because it determines how well individuals are able to handle the different problems that they are likely to face. Despite this being the case, there are more instances than not of individuals going through their…
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Using appropriate theories and concepts, critically evaluate the value of the notion of reflection in your own self development
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Extract of sample "Using appropriate theories and concepts, critically evaluate the value of the notion of reflection in your own self development"

Download file to see previous pages Furthermore, it is within such environments that there is a refining of values and this is often done without ensuring reflection is made an important aspect of thinking. It is important to ensure that reflective thinking is developed and made an essential part of individuals because it is the only way through which they can challenge assumptions, and make an assessment of their intuition, and learn more about themselves.
It is important to note that some of the biggest barriers for many individuals in achieving their objectives is their lack of reflection (Bowden, 2008, p.4). This is especially because I have realized that many people tend to repeat the patterns and behaviours, which contribute to their failures. However, when they adopt an attitude of reflection before undertaking what they are aiming at, they come to achieve genuine results and personal growth. I find that reflection enables individuals to discover their ability to gain what they want, making it the key to success because without it, all actions are meaningless. Through my own experiences, I have discovered that reflective thinking is a matter of problem solving, which requires an individual to see things in a new way independent of the way that they normally see these problems. It is through their looking at problems differently that individuals are able to find solutions to them in ways that they did not expect (Edwards, 2010). Taking time to reflect on a problem from a different perspective other than the habitual one, especially for a leader within an organization, is extremely important because it makes the individual to have time for constructive thinking. Through thinking outside the box, following Kolb’s reflective model, a leader is able to develop a better understanding of the problem facing the organization and take necessary action to ensure that the solution he comes up with is not only relevant, but it can be applied in a manner that does not threaten organizational ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Using Appropriate Theories and Concepts, Critically Evaluate the Value Essay.
“Using Appropriate Theories and Concepts, Critically Evaluate the Value Essay”, n.d.
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