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Ireland has a long tradition of providing learning opportunities for mature students.The Local Studies,Community Studies and Computer Studies Programs are designed specifically for such students. They are offered at the specified Campus on a part-time modular basis…
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Adult education
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Download file to see previous pages Ireland has a long tradition of providing learning opportunities for mature students.The Local Studies,Community Studies and Computer Studies Programs are designed specifically for such students. They are offered at the specified Campus on a part-time modular basis. The in-built flexibility of the degrees is designed to accommodate the many demands that mature students face when they return to education. Since the introduction of the Adult Education Programs they have attracted students from a variety of backgrounds. Feedbacks from students who have graduated indicate that the rewards that accrue from completing the degree greatly outweigh the challenges posed by the experience. The friendships, the increase in self-confidence and the opportunity to explore ideas in an academic setting are often cited as the most cherished aspects of their experience.A Course Management Team oversee their ongoing development and ensures that the management of the degree meets the expectations of students. A Support Officer works closely with students to ensure that the specific needs of individuals can be addressed. All the Departments and those involved in the management and delivery of these degrees are committed to providing positive and accessible learning opportunities for mature students. An information brochure is designed to help and encourage the interested students to join us on an exciting learning journey.The Adult Education Program offers modular part-time degrees in Local Studies and Community Studies. These programs were developed in response to the demand for inter-disciplinary, flexible progression routes for adults to degree level. They are offered in the evening to facilitate adults who are unable to attend on a full-time basis during the day. They represent a further expansion of giving provision for mature students. With such innovative features as flexible delivery, modularization, credit accumulation and
recognition of accredited prior learning, students may advance in a systematic and learner friendly way towards a primary degree. These programs are offered at the main campus.
2.Structure of the Programs
Over a five-year cycle of delivery the following three programs are provided:
- Programme 1: Local Studies
- Programme 2: Community Studies
- Programme 3: Computer Studies
Students on the degree may choose to follow either the Local Studies Program or the Community Studies Program or the Computer Studies Program. It is not possible to attend modules from all the three programs, except where Common Modules are offered.
The inter-disciplinary nature of the program means that various University Departments have responsibility for module delivery.
1. Local Studies: Participating Departments - History, Geography, Ancient Classics, , Language Centre, Sociology, Anthropology, Adult & Community Education
2. Community Studies: Participating Departments - Adult & Community Education, Applied Social Studies, Anthropology, Sociology, Geography, History
2. Computer Studies: Participating Departments - Adult & Community Education, Applied Social Studies, Information Technology.
Modules: Each program is offered through modules. A module is a "block" of learning in which a particular topic is taught and assessed. Most modules are "stand alone" and can be studied as separate blocks. All modules carry credits towards the degree. The modules of study are delivered through a combination of regular lectures, tutorials, presentations, field courses and short summer schools.
Each academic year has two semesters. Semesters are blocks of fifteen weeks, consisting of twelve weeks class contact and two weeks study and examinations. Each academic year on-campus is typically structured as follows:
Semester 1 September - November 12 weeks class contact
+ 2 study weeks
Semester 2 January - April 12 weeks class contact
+ 2 study weeks
Summer Modules (Optional) Monday - Friday full-time 1 week
Lectures are offered over two or three nights per week, usually Tuesday, Wednesday and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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