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Know What Youre Watching - Article Example

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In the paper “Know What You’re Watching!” pertinent questions are currently being asked than ever before regarding the Internet role in propagating media piracy. Authors now contend on these issues as pertaining to the history of the internet and piracy…
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Know What Youre Watching
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Download file to see previous pages Why has media piracy increased in recent years? Karajanis argues that the high growth witnessed in media piracy when traced from the 1990s has been attributed to lack of copyright laws world over and where they exist there has been reluctance on the part of law enforcement agencies to implement the full spirit of the law. In effect, piracy has contributed to the disruption of market equilibrium thus providing loopholes for innovations in emerging economies that outdo the technologies which are again correspondingly cheaper when compared to the original creations.
At the same, several factors including pricing strategies used by multinationals, trade agreements, and diffusion of technology bear a significant relevance as factors that continue to contribute to the rising effects of piracy.
Understanding the meaning of Piracy
There seems to be a universal agreement that “Piracy” does not have a stable and legal definition, and in most circumstances, it is understood as a product of legal enforcement rather than its true implication. On one hand, the IFPI contends that the term implies an omnipresent practice of copying that falls outside the provisions of copyright law “up to 95% of it if industry estimates of online music piracy are taken as an indicator”. However, in its simplest definition, piracy is understood as the illegal copying and distribution of any media in print, DVDs, videos or electronic files. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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