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Argumentative about a life issue in the life of Jean-Michel Basquiat - Essay Example


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Argumentative about a life issue in the life of Jean-Michel Basquiat

You are still young, and very talented singers, I would like you to be strong-willed and responsible enough to stand your ground on any temptation that may lead you to start abusing drugs, as this is a common trend among artists today. In December 1960, young Jean Michel Basquiat was born to his Haitian father and his Puerto Rican mother. No one knew that a talent had been born. Michel grew up and discovered hi talent in his teenage years. Having been born in an era where money, youth culture, and hype were highly embraced by youth, Michel integrated all these elements into his artwork. He was a talented graffiti artist and a painter. This talent cast him into the limelight and he became a famous young man, raising him above the poor family background he was born in. However, this life, fame, and talent was short-lived as Michel lost his life at the age of 27, when his flower had just begun to blossom (Emmerling 11). According to Fretz, the death of Michel came as a blow to the American art industry as he had started having influence on the industry as an uprising artist (15). The main cause of Michel’s death is linked to drug abuse. In fact, he died in his house after a drug overdose. He was a drug addict, and abused heroin for a greater part of his life. Unfortunately, Michel did not look for any ways of resolving his problem. First, he abused drugs, which led to his drug addiction. Since drug addiction is hard to get over, Michel did not take any steps to address this problem, as he

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did not even identify this as a problem. Failure to identify his problem and failure to look for possible remedies for the problem did not make his situation any better. Instead, Michel persisted in drug abuse to satisfy his addiction, and this led to his death in 1987 after succumbing to a heroin overdose. Additionally, in two separate cases, I noticed that my colleague and another close friend of mine had started abusing drugs due to different stressful reasons in their lives. When they approached me, I advised them and walked with them through their journey of withdrawal from drugs. What I liked most was their desire and strong-will to let go of drugs and lead a normal life once again. After a couple of interventions, these two successfully left drug use and today, they thank me for helping them change. Therefore, responsibility is important, as it is the first step toward freedom from drug addiction. These cases are an example of how irresponsibility can cost one’s life. We can consider Michel’s death to have occurred because of his lack of strong-will and responsibility in looking for a solution for his drug addiction case. Although his friends had noticed Michel’s addiction case, they had little influence on the overall issue. What other young artists can learn from the life of Michel is that, drug abuse is lethal, and the earlier one controls it, the better they are placed to be safe from all the long-term effects this may pose to them in the end. Therefore, if one, by bad luck finds themselves using drugs in an unacceptable way, they should look for intervention as fast as possible. One also learns that drug abuse leads to addiction, which is hard to control. In the case of Michel, he would have looked for intervention in a rehab or through exercising self-control. In addition, drug abuse and addiction is costly to young talents. Michel


Instructor Date The Life of Jean-Michel Basquiat Drug abuse is a serious problem as it results in multiple complications, which can harm one physically, mentally, or may as well lead to loss of life. This is considered a problem as it leads adverse effects on the life of the person involved…
Argumentative essay about a life issue in the life of Jean-Michel Basquiat
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