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Formal analysis on ONE of the sculptures: General William Tecumseh Sherman monument : 5th Avenue and 59th St., New York OR Was - Essay Example

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Date Analysis of the sculpture of General William Tecumseh Sherman Introduction The General William Tecumseh Sherman monument located in the corner of the 60th street fifth avenue was made by an American sculptor named Augustus Saint-Gaudens…
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Formal analysis on ONE of the sculptures: General William Tecumseh Sherman monument : 5th Avenue and 59th St., New York OR Was
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Extract of sample "Formal analysis on ONE of the sculptures: General William Tecumseh Sherman monument : 5th Avenue and 59th St., New York OR Was"

Download file to see previous pages This sculpture can normally only be viewed from the front. A freestanding sculptor, on the other hand, is normally a three dimensional piece of artwork that can normally be viewed from all sides. The free standing sculpture can also be denoted as a sculpture in the round. The William Tecumseh monument is a free standing sculpture. This is because the sculpture stands separately and can be viewed in an angle of 360 degrees. For instance in this monument, the statue depicts Sherman on a horse, and in front of him is a woman depicting "Victory" pointing the way forward. The lady has a palm facade in the other hand. These features support the fact that the sculpture is free standing as all the features can be viewed all round. The sculpture is also free standing since; it is massive, and it also proves to be larger, than the life representation of a human figure. A freestanding sculpture normally represents a three-dimensional object (Reynolds, 113). This sculpture uses subtractive carving methods, which entail the removal material from a block, for instance stone. It also uses modeling methods, which shape the work from the material it is made from; in this case the sculpture is made from the metal bronze. To produce the work, techniques such as molding, stamping and casting are used. The sculpture is a monumental sculpture as it depicts a large piece of artwork (Reynolds, 114). The material used in this piece of work is metal, and the type of metal is bronze. Bronze is one of the oldest and most common metals for cast metal sculptures. The cast bronze sculpture can also be referred to as a bronze sculpture. In the early days, bronze and its alloys were commonly used because bronze had an unusual and desirable property of expanding before setting. This property has contributed to the use of bronze to date as it ensures the filling of the finest details of a sculptor. Its strength and its low ductility have also proved to be an advantage, for example, when a sculptor intends to create a figure of action for example, the William Tecumseh monument. This property has promoted the use of bronze, compared to ceramic or stone. When bronze as a metal is used in sculpturing, casting is normally employed. In this case, liquid bronze is normally converted into a mold containing a hollow cavity of the intended shape. The liquid bronze is then given time to solidify, after which it is ejected and molded or broken out to complete the process. This sculpture may have employed the process of casting, considering the complex shapes it has which may be difficult to make using other methods (Reynolds, 116). The medium used in this piece contributes to people’s response to the piece in that; the William Tecumseh monument, which is made of bronze, tends to attract a person’s focus with its momentum versions inside the patterns. People tend to locate the incredible bronze sculpture as it tempts them to think the sculptor is dwelling. The use of bronze in this sculptor has brought with it some elegance, and most people visiting the monument get carried away by its attractiveness. The sculptor tends to increase extra soul in the surrounding considering the material that has been used. The use of bronze as a material in the construction of the sculpture has enabled the sculpture to stay the same way, for decades without fading (Reynolds, 118). The tactile qualities of this artwork can be attributed to the material used ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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