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The relationship between the Shawnee and the Iroquois Confederacy was a mixed one, with some Iroquois speaking people being friendly and allied to the Shawnee, while the others were enemies to them. While the other groups were enemies to the Shawnee, the Mingo and the Huron…
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Download file to see previous pages g communities, such as the Mingo and the Huron (Wyandot) cooperated with the Shawnee people, due to the threat of territorial loss they experienced from the Iroquois Confederacy (Klinck 45). However, the relationship between the Shawnee and the Iroquois Confederacy was that of enmity, since the Iroquois Confederacy embarked on invading the hunting grounds previously owned by the Shawnee, eventually evicting the Shawnee from their native lands of Ohio. The Iroquois made the Shawnee their dependents (Edmunds 40).
During the American war of independence the Shawnee, Native American tribe, opted to join the British in the fight against rebel colonists. The Shawnee planned to become British allies, since they hoped that joining hands with the British would help them evict the colonists from their territory and draw them back across the mountains (Klinck 49). Considering that the invasion of the British and the consequent treaty signed with the Iroquois Confederacy had allowed many Colonists to settle in the native Shawnee lands, they needed some support to evict the colonists, which they hoped the British would grant them, since the colonists had rebelled against the British colony (Edmunds 54). This saw the Shawnee ally with the British during that war.
The concepts of land use advocated for by the British caused friction between the Indians and the whites. Notably, the signing of the Royal Proclamation of 1763 which sought to draw a line of territory between the Whites and the Indians sparked a great conflict (Klinck 62). This treaty sought to establish a reserve for the Indians, but eventually ended up causing the encroachment by the whites into the areas where the Indians had previously occupied. Additionally, the treaty signed between the British and the Iroquois Confederacy over land use angered the Shawnee who were the native occupants of these lands before they were evicted by the Iroquois Confederacy (Edmunds 22). Thus, these concepts of land ownership and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Tecumseh Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1607037-tecumseh.
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The book The Middle Ground written by Richard White

...and hold on to their native customs and traditions, often resulting to disastrous consequences, such as the virtual banishment of their tribe. As White illustrated, America made Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa into symbols of alternatives…Tecumseh…became the Indian who was virtually white…Tenskwatawa embodied the fate of what became the ultimate other, the alien savage. (White 518-519) Looking at the above argument, it can be seen that White was able to give a new version to American history, especially by stating the perspective of the American Indians in the colonization. This is one pro for the author, given that he is able to give an alternative view of the role of American Indians in American history,...
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...Supervisor: Tecumseh Tecumseh is hailed as the greatest native leader of the Shawnee who influenced the extension of the whole Confederacy which was fighting against the United States in the battle in Tecumseh war as well as the war of 1812 (Hickey 30). Both the American and British contemporaries admired Tecumseh due to his fighting spirit for the interest of his people that never faded away. Tecumseh was an advocate of fairness and unity; he resisted the American attempt to annex Indians’ land with an argument that Indian lands were owned by the community and not individuals. This made the treaties that had allowed this annexation void since it was...
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...Life of TecumsehTecumseh is the renowned Shawnee political leader and war chieftain who was feared and admired both by his allies and opponents alike. Given his outstanding skills in the art of war as well as in public speaking, Tecumseh was revered and given the honor befitting a national hero. This paper provides an overview of Tecumseh’s life as a young warrior and the legendary battles he spearheaded. It also discusses his significance particularly to the Native American people and the legacy he imparted to them. Youth and Rise to Power Tecumseh was born in 1768 (estimated) at Old Piqua, on the Mad River in Western Ohio (Foner & Garraty). His...
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...Number History and Political Science What was Tecumseh’s vision? The vision if Tecumseh was that they would remain united, this is because he was the naturally anointed to united people. It was his vision to retain what was left of to the Indians; he was born to protect the Indian and their property. His main vision was to ensure that the Indian way of life event ahead at whatever cost (Cleaves 45). 2. With the loss of Ohio land to incoming settlers, why couldn’t Native communities sustain their old way of life? - After the loss of land, life here by the Native Americans was unbearable, their land property, livestock and every little thing they had was taken away, and they could no longer live here as...
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