Tecumsehs Vision / Shawnee People and Native American Resistance - Book Report/Review Example

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It was his vision to retain what was left of to the Indians; he was born to protect the Indian and their property. His main vision was to ensure that the…
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Tecumsehs Vision / Shawnee People and Native American Resistance
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Number History and Political Science What was Tecumseh’s vision? The vision if Tecumseh was that they would remain united, this is because he was the naturally anointed to united people. It was his vision to retain what was left of to the Indians; he was born to protect the Indian and their property. His main vision was to ensure that the Indian way of life event ahead at whatever cost (Cleaves 45).
2. With the loss of Ohio land to incoming settlers, why couldn’t Native communities sustain their old way of life?
- After the loss of land, life here by the Native Americans was unbearable, their land property, livestock and every little thing they had was taken away, and they could no longer live here as they had no freedom. This was only done because of their race. The ones that were left in Ohio were silenced and had to rights thus making them like slaves,
3. A powerful orator, what did Tecumseh say to his people to revive the confederacy that he had known as a young man?
- To revive the confederacy that he had as a young man, he convince his people that the land was commonly owned by the Indian, regardless of the inter tribe and for this reason it shouldn’t be a common interest for every Native American to defend the land from any external forces. This was hard task considering the complexity if the tribes of Native Americans.
4What roles did Tecumseh and his brother Tenskwtawa play in the quest for a Pan-Indian Confederacy?
The major roles of Tecumseh and Tenskwtawa for Pan-Indian confederacy are to unite the tribes of the Native-Americans. They insisted that land belonged to all tribes(Cleaves 32).
5. Compare the challenges faced by the Shawnee to those of the U.S. government in the fight for the Ohio valley.
The major challenges that the Shawnee faced was that they wee nit included in the peace treaty at Paris in1783, they were not represented by an Indian regardless the fact that this peace treaty played a big role in their survival in these lands. This is a proof of how much the United States posed as a threat to their unity.
6. What remarkable claim does Tecumseh make at the meeting with Harrison? To whom does Harrison compare Tecumseh as he watches him leave the meeting?
Tecumseh on meeting with Harrison claims that were it not for the surrounding area of the United States, he would be the leader of a territory that was likely to compete in glory Mexico or Peru, Harrison compares Tecumseh to his colleagues Daniel Webster and Henry Clay (Cleaves 55).
7. Why did the death of British General Brock in 1813 change the fate of the Native Alliance with the British?
The death of British general block changed the fate as this created a sense of nationalism in both Canada and the United States, the death of this general marked the end of the war. The end of the war saw the end of the European alliances with the American Indians.
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