Tennessee History of Native Americans and the time period leading up to and during the French and English incursion - Essay Example

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He and other European explorer were motivated by trade with the Spice Islanders and China. However, more European headed to North America as there were greater…
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Tennessee History of Native Americans and the time period leading up to and during the French and English incursion
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Extract of sample "Tennessee History of Native Americans and the time period leading up to and during the French and English incursion"

Download file to see previous pages The Native controlled their land and culture. However, the competition of the European nation over the control of the territory strengthened the native as some collaborated with foreigners and helped repel other European nations. This explains the contest between the French and the British over Tennesse.
The incursion of the French and English men in Tennessee was received differently. The Native American engaged in numerous battles with the French which culminated to the French and Indian War. The native resisted the occupation of the foreigners in their land because it amounted to loss of land and businesses opportunities that has taken root before their arrival. One of the historic spot is the Fort Massac in the lower side of Illinois. The French established the Mossac during the French and Indian War. Moreover, not only had the French conquered the Native American in Tennessee, but also the Spanish had much influence in the region (Caldwell).
The English also made their influence in the Tennessee and the Indian had to engage to every sort of invasion of their territory. The Cherokee and the Chickasaw were very hostile to the French Indians, but engaged in a friendly manner with the English. The Native used the Tennessee River to move to the north to attack the inhabitant of those areas. The Southern of Ohio developed as a strong centre and the French wished to expand their influence to the local tribes, Cherokee and Chickasaw.
During this time, the England considered to build a fortification building in lower Ohio. The contest of both the French and English confronted the Governor of Virginia, Dinwiddie to disregard communication with the French and rather build a fortification that would cut the French influence in the region. Nevertheless, the French moved with speed and build the fortification at the mouth of River Tennessee. This enabled the French to control the lower part of Tennessee ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Tennessee History of Native Americans and the Time Period Leading up Essay. https://studentshare.org/history/1635533-tennessee-history-of-native-americans-and-the-time-period-leading-up-to-and-during-the-french-and-english-incursion.
“Tennessee History of Native Americans and the Time Period Leading up Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1635533-tennessee-history-of-native-americans-and-the-time-period-leading-up-to-and-during-the-french-and-english-incursion.
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