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Compare and contrast of two images - Essay Example

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[Name] [Professor] [Subject] [Date] Relics and Reliefs: Reflections of History and Society People deem art important in everyday life. It is in application to life and society in many possible ways. Art pieces depict realities of what life was like during a certain part in history…
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Compare and contrast of two images
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, the Greeks are one of the first to gain civilization in society. They have been known to excel in a lot of fields especially art. Greek goddesses, epics, sculptures and even establishment in Greece also tell a lot about their culture. These are general examples of how Greeks and Egyptians exceled and contributed in terms of historical preferences. For more specific examples, the following paragraphs will talk about the Painted low relief of Princess Nefret-iabet in Old Kingdom, Giza, c.2570 BC. and the Relief of seated goddess in Parthenon, East Frieze, Classical Greece, c. 447-438 BC. Naturalism which is defined as “an even more accurate picture of realism” (Abrams, 1) is evident in the low relief of Princess Nefret-iabet. This relief made in painted in limestone slab stela, depicts a relative degree of naturalism. Involvement of depiction of actual life form’s art form is necessary. The low relief of Princess Nefret-iabet is a detailed modelling of the Egyptian princess seating on a chair is like an actual representation of a life as a princess in Egypt. The relief showcases the detailed hair of the princess, wide eyes while wearing an also detailed leopard print dress. This depicts existence of elegance and glamour, and to add to this are her combs, perfumes, and other properties made of brass and gold. Even the chair she sits on is made of gold with apparent an animal- like structure. The Princess’ body is very slim in representation. The details of her hair are exquisite and so is that of her fingers. The linings used in this relief are very delicate to look at, and the images are very lightly embossed in the limestone. Although, abstraction may also be seen in terms of showing only half of the princess’s face and figure, cut parts of unidentified object above the princess and other parts not shown in the relief. Abstraction is the purposeful act of hiding other parts of a subject in art, to highlight other features (Abstraction). But through further research, a more complete version of the relief of the princess was seen in full. More of her properties are seen in the full slab in her tomb, including images of her eyelids, birds, balance scales and other materials. This aspect could also be related to the placing of objects in relation to its distance from the princess. The princess being placed on the left faces a set of property she has, arranged in accordance to its purpose. For example, the first compartment appears to be all of her needs for beautification, second shelf looks like vases or forms of pottery, and the objects under the shelf are like gold statuettes. This relief somehow tells us a story of what life there is in Giza, during c.2570 BC. The women of Ancient Egypt are supposed to have a significant role in society unlike most early civilizations. Women played a big role in unification of Hierakonpolis, Abydos and proofs of which are statuettes and art forms in museums. This contribution is said to have built various alliances and bridged the gap between peoples. With this contribution, women are considered important in society as supported by the Egyptian thinking of “philosophical dualism” wherein relationship of god and priestess is compared and somehow patterned in the same way in the relationship of king and royal women. This on the other hand, does not necessarily mean that the Ancient Egypt had a bilineal society, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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