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The Application of Gender Theory to Boys Dont Cry Film - Research Paper Example

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The paper "The Application of Gender Theory to Boys Don’t Cry Film" highlights that the film exemplifies several stereotypical norms. These include the view that men are innately more powerful than women and male gender is supreme as shown by Brandon’s shift to a male. …
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The Application of Gender Theory to Boys Dont Cry Film
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Extract of sample "The Application of Gender Theory to Boys Dont Cry Film"

Download file to see previous pages Boys Don’t Cry explores a number of themes including identity, empowerment, freedom, and courage. However, gender representation underpins all these themes. This paper will examine the representation of gender in Boys Don’t Cry, describing the key aspects of gender representation both in society and in the film. Representation of gender in the film adds force to the patriarchal norms held by society. Discussions of the topic of gender in film owe their origins to conventional feminist film theorists who considered films as male-dominated and immensely guilty of gender stereotyping. In this examination of Boys Don’t Cry, the popular gender theory becomes highly applicable to determine the degree to which gender representation supports stereotypes. Jacques Lacan and Sigmund Freud developed the psychoanalytical theory that profoundly influenced the early feminist film theory (Herz 51). However, the psychoanalytic theory had substantive problems such as its phallic-centric basis. This led to the development of alternative discussion mechanisms such as the cultural studies mechanism. In this analysis of Boys Don’t Cry, I will utilize both approaches to cover the entire scope of gender representation. The psychoanalytic theory has a propensity for perceiving males as active and females as passive. For instance, in the film, males control the look, often referred to as the male gaze, while women are often the object of such gaze (Blessing and Tudico 73). In the film, Brandon and John steer the story forward by dictating the occurrence of the narrative, while female characters like Lana and Candace are largely resigned to the background. Male characters define women by their appearances; for instance, during the bar scene, Candace is the object of the male gaze owing to her attractiveness; then later, the facade changes to that of a mother.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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