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Film Study Research - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Film Study Research " offers a comprehensive analysis of films ( Casablanca of 1942 and The Godfather of 1972. ), providing a wide array of details such as the films’ history, content, gimmick, cinematography, and the film genre. The paper will also discuss details of the two producers…
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Film Study Research
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Download file to see previous pages The film depicts the concepts of murder and violence through Ugarte who obtained transit letters after murdering German couriers. These papers gave one the capacity to transverse Europe, which was then under the control of Germans. Police brutality takes Ugarte’s life during his custody under the command of Louis Renault a professed corrupt officer. The plot conceptualizes different themes that include among others, love, violence, redemption, and sacrifice. For instance, after becoming the sole owner of the letters of transit, Rick chooses to transfer the letters to Ilsa and her husband Laszlo to enable the couple to move to America so that Laszlo could carry on his work. Laszlo is a known fugitive and a leader of the Czech Resistance that fought against Nazis. Rick sacrifices his love for Ilsa to ensure her safety as Ilsa is forced to accompany her husband to America despite her suggesting of remaining with Rick. In order for the couple to have a trouble-free transit, Rick is forced to murder Major Strasser who opposed the couple’s move to the US.
Movie Genre
As earlier noted Casablanca is a romantic drama film with a thrilling and captivating story line that not only captures the audience’s interest, but also allows the audience to identify with its characters such as Rick, Ilsa, and Laszlo.
The foundation for Casablanca lies in the play; Everybody Comes to Rick’s by Joan Alison and Murray Burnett. The play was directed by Hal Wallis and edited by Irene Diamond in 1942. Hal Wallis bought the rights to the play for $20,000, which is the highest amount paid for play that was unproduced (Slide 84). The film was called Casablanca perhaps in imitation of Algiers, the 1938 hit film. Because only the first half of the script was ready by the time filming began, Casablanca was shot in sequence, and almost the whole film was shot in a studio. The exception was the sequence that shows the arrival of Major Strasser, which was shot at Van Nuys Airport. Direction Wallis entrusted the direction of Casablanca to his close friend Michael Curtiz a Hungarian Jewish emigrant who settled in the US during the 1920s. Part of Curtiz’s family consisted of refugees from Nazi-controlled Europe. Because of his family’s history, Curtiz sought to use images to convey a story rather than shots for their own sake. Curtiz who was born Kertesz Kaminer Mano in 1886 studied film and art at the Royal Academy of Theater and Art and Markoszy University. He commenced his acting and directing career as Mihaly Kertesz in the year 1912 at the National ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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