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Life of film student - Research Paper Example

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Life of a Film University Course Date Life of a Film Student Film study is one of the choices student have in relation to lifetime career. The study of film involves a combination of the academic, technical and the psychological or emotional aspect…
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Life of film student
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Download file to see previous pages Academically, there are different approaches to film study. One of the main approaches is through the study of the components of a film within which the historical comparisons and evolution can be used as a main basis for the determination of the patterns for criticism and for in-depth assessment of a particular cinematic work. This can often be referred to as the study of film as film which includes the components of film production that is well observed in commercial films such as production, acting, editing, cinematography, music, etc. (Machel, 1990, p. 32-91). Based on the same book, it can be considered that the said approach can be viewed as analytical and academic since it is focused on theories related to films. Film criticism is one of the main focuses in film ideology (p.137). In addition, the different genres of film can also be viewed as an important part in the study of the said field (p.173). In relation to such view presented in the book then, it can be considered that one of the reasons why a student would want to pursue the study of film is the great interest in the technical aspects of the movies that the general population is watching. On a deeper analysis then, the choice made by a film student is well rooted on the interest to watch films of different forms which eventually resulted to the quest of finding out the technicalities involved in such endeavor. Personally, this reason why students study film can be viewed as the most common. Film fanatics also turn to the study of film to be able to explore the field that greatly caught their greatest interest specifically in terms of the genre of film they are mostly interested in. Another important concept in the field of film study is the representation of the film. This can also be related to the reason why students choose to study film. Films are considered as artistic expressions, which represent a concept and at the same time involve elements of culture, language and history. These elements are measured through the audience’s reception of the film. These elements had been the main focus of the book written by Amy Villarejo which is entitled “Film Studies: The Basics” (Villarejo, 2007). Through the years, representation in films evolved from more real to more abstract concepts. This means that in the earlier era films represent real life events or concepts and concentrate on the interpretation of these events into moving media shown to the audience. On the other hand, the contemporary and modern era became the ground for greater creativity and more freedom in terms of concepts. Regardless of the concept, presentation and representation became the key factor. As long as the audience responds positively or in other cases as long as the film elicits any form of reaction from the audience, the film is considered successful (Sikov, 2010, p.1). This concept of representation which can be equated to the power of influence that the films have over the audience can be considered as one of the main motivations of film students. Even in the earlier part of history, satirical issues are presented in films to influence audience and to relay strong social or political messages. In the modern era when almost every member of the population has access to technology which can record and play films, the power of representing difference concepts and the power of influencing the audience increase exponentially. There are a lot of examples that can be given in support of this view. It only ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Life of Film Student Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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