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The Princess Bride Film - Essay Example

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An average class runs 60 minutes. The American film The Princess Bride is chosen as the teaching unit as it combines comedy, adventure, romance and fancy. The teaching and learning activities in The Princess…
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The Princess Bride Film
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Download file to see previous pages ployed in the film; it is expected that the selected scenes from the movie will provide useful insights to learners regarding the various camera shots, movements, sound effects, music and dialogues as shown in the movie. The students need to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and understanding of film through an analysis of selected scenes from the movie and the assessment tasks are carefully planned to meet the language needs of the learners too.
1. Students are asked to submit a portfolio at the end of the unit for teacher feedback and the portfolio should comprise of their understanding of the various themes of the movie and how the character sketch of each of the major characters are revealed in the movie from the scenes shown to them.
2. The class task asks the students to make a write up of the importance of dialogues and sound effects in the movie. For this, students are shown certain scenes in the movie without any sounds. Students need to construct appropriate dialogues based on the actions and later they can be shown the same scenes with all the dialogues and sound effects.
a) Pre-viewing Activities that will provide the students with an understanding of the basic factors associated with the genre of film, the various categories of films and the major actors/actresses of the movie.
1. Discussion: The teacher organizes an open discussion in the class. Initially, the teacher asks each one what they know about films in general. Each one contributes to the discussion by adding a different point. The students are asked to take notes whenever a new idea is being discussed. Students can also ask for clarifications, examples and substantiation on what others have pointed out. The activity goes on until the students have shared all their previous understanding of the genre of films. The teacher can then intervene to divert their attention to new information on films and can carefully elicit their responses. This would pave way for another creative discussion ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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