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Historical film is more informed by the time and context within which it has been made than the historical time and context it p - Essay Example

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Film, History and Context Date By choosing to watch and analyze a historical film from a time period, it is important to think about the historical event or time period that is being represented in the film and relates them with events that happen in the movie, ideas that are expressed, or traits of characters in the movie…
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Historical film is more informed by the time and context within which it has been made than the historical time and context it p
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"Historical film is more informed by the time and context within which it has been made than the historical time and context it p"

Download file to see previous pages It is worth noting that several historical films carry a common ‘theme of history’ such as history as a ‘flow’ of events, or a series of cause and effect relationships over time. Some of the theme of history is very vital being that they take into account the history affecting and shaping our society today as well as people making a difference in the society. By looking at historical context it is vital to consider the period and place where the movie takes place as well as significance about the event or time period. Furthermore it is advisable to consider what happens in the world beyond the film since relating the historical context greatly help in understanding all the important events taking place in the movie (Monaco & Harpole 2003, p. 39-54). Bataan Movie Bataan is a 1943 war film directed by Tay Garnet about the defense of the Bataan Peninsula at the start of World War II where Dane and a group of American and Philippine soldiers are caught up in the retreat from Manila toward Bataan. This movie involves the Japanese conquest of the Philippines in early 1942 where the U.S. forces conduct a fighting retreat after the army, civilians and a group of volunteers from different units blow up the bridge in order to delay Japanese rebuilding efforts as long as possible. After blowing the bridge, they wait for the expected enemy push to rebuild the bridge and dislocate the Americans but basic needs such as food, diseases and deficiencies of medicine greatly affect the soldiers’ even as they try to cope with the opposition. The soldiers were forced to move through the congested town as that was the only way they could escape from the Japanese soldiers who were really pressing forward as Dane and Jake Feingold tried to manage a defensive position (Bataan 1943, Film). After the commander orders soldiers to report to Captain Lassister, the town then suffered fierce attack from the air where civilians and soldiers were wedged in the open and executed. Soldiers were then ordered to hold a bridge until all refugees cross and later demolish the bridge as a way of stopping the Japanese soldiers and gathering their own in Bataan. The group of 13 men who were also equipped with enough equipment and supplies decided to position themselves on a cliff where they blew the bridge as they wait for Japanese but diseases and inadequate food and water would later demoralize them (Bataan 1943, Film). Japanese army managed to work at night on the bridge while the Americans were just reluctantly waiting; talking talk and eating but their peace is interrupted when a sniper catches Captain Lassiter in the open and shoots him dead. When Dane orders Barry Nelson to ascent a tree and echo on opponent undertaking, he sloppily displays himself thus making him to be shot dead by a sniper. The following day Dane and Todd go out alone launching grenades at the bridge to blow it up again but Dane is worried whether they will break from the tension and leave after most of their men die. However, Feingold serenely guarantees him they will definitely finish their obligation even as Philippine guide tries to break through the Japanese ranks to Bataan for help is seized, tortured and wounded ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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