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Prefect Application - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This paper gives reasons why the person you wants to be a prefect (dorm parent helper). A prefect was defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “a student monitor in a usually private school”…
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Prefect Application
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Download file to see previous pages The reasons why I want to be a prefect are varied but the ultimate objective is to make a few improvements on the quality of service and physical condition of the dorm. As it is now, current student residents have described the living conditions in the dormitory as raunchy and a bit squalid, requiring a touch of immediate application of cleanliness and immaculateness within the premises. One could understand that the condition of the dormitory currently is messy and unorganized justifying the need for a prefect to assist in organization, direction and control to help one’s friends to improve their living condition and the environment, in general.
As humans, I strongly believe that there is a consistent need to maintain order in every endeavor, particularly in making our living place clean and uncluttered and pristine. I have been trained early in life to observe cleanliness and to abide by schedules. Equipped with time management skills, personal discipline, and adherence to cleanliness of the space one resides and of one’s external environment, I am a strong advocate for keeping things in proper perspectives.
In this regard, I am highly enthusiastic to assume the position as a dorm prefect to assist in putting order, organization, direction and adherence to prescribed schedules, as defined by the dorm policies. With strong leadership skills, I have observed that I am a person who always observes complying deadlines and schedules and I do not allow being late on anything. Being conscious of time management, I would be the most appropriate candidate for the position of a prefect to enable me to remind the student residents of their respective times for studying, waking up, sleeping, and ensuring complying with physical hygiene in order and in defined schedules. In addition, I would like to govern in leading our dorm to be better than the girls’ dorm as I want to show that boys can also be really clean and organized or even surpass the girls’ performance. Furthermore, I want to instill that there is a need to make changes on the behavior and discipline for the boys so that they would prevent being so messy and to start being conscientious on cleanliness, orderliness and maintenance of a pristine environment. I want to be instrumental in changing their behavior in treating their own personal place and of adhering to time management. These are the reasons that why I want to be a prefect. 2. How would your peers (classmate, roommates, etc.) describe you? My peers describe me through the use of the following adjectives: generally always happy, cheerful, helpful, nice, talkative, neat and clean; but with tendencies to be a little annoying due to my talkativeness. When I am really concentrating on doing a particular task or endeavor, I usually try my very best on it; exerting exemplary efforts to achieve the defined objectives. This is precisely the reason why I am a good candidate for the prefect position because through careful planning and self-discipline, in conjunction with time management skills, I am a perfect role model for adhering to schedules and complying with cleanliness, orderliness and the need to achieve whatever goals are defined. I am also described as exhibiting behavior for not only appropriately responding to situations; but also of being proactive – ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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