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The Marriage of Function and Form: Fulfillment of Subconscious Desires Today - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Class 24 June 2012 The Marriage of Function and Form: Fulfillment of Subconscious Desires Today, art affects culture more than ever, as it has influenced product design of both sophisticated and everyday products. Nowadays, numerous daily objects are made with art in mind…
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The Marriage of Function and Form: Fulfillment of Subconscious Desires Today
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, others believe that art responds to innermost human desires. Art allows the marriage of function and form in daily objects, which ultimately fulfill subconscious and sometimes unmet desires and the need to assert and reinforce one’s identity. Art in daily products aims to fulfill deepest human fantasies. In Chapter Five of the book The Design of Things to Come: How Ordinary People Create Extraordinary Products, Vogel, Cagan, and Boatwright assert that a typical consumer has a wide array of “unmet and unconscious desires” for different experiences and products (87). Product designers, who are aware of these desires in their target market segments, know that the latter need certain product features that will interconnect to these emotions and basic needs (Vogel, Cagan, and Boatwright 87). They argue that product design responds to consumer fantasies, where a fantasy is defined as fulfilling psychological needs (Vogel, Cagan, and Boatwright 93). Fantasies allow them to experience something that is not part of their existing realities. In other words, people are not only looking for experiences but also want to project their emotions on their experiences in order to derive greater satisfaction from them (Vogel, Cagan, and Boatwright 93). ...
He stresses that for people obsessed with music, the iPod reinforces the underlying fantasy of music junkies like him (3). The delight comes from packing up numerous music titles from different genres in one neat white box (Kahney 3). He describes it as “nirvana” to have a favorite playlist that changes how music is played and recorded (Kahney 5). Music answers to intimate needs of people, who use their hearing to fill up their feelings. Another example of a product that responds to fantasies is the set of colorful and durable cutlery from Hampton. See Figure 1. Hampton produced and designed DuraCeramica that used high quality ceramic to create strong and sharp blades that should never require sharpening (“Hampton Launches”). Hampton DuraCeramica has four colors and “durable soft grip ergonomic ABS handles” (“Hampton Launches”). This is another example of design that appeals to the need for color and durability in one’s life. They are simple and creative designs that appeal to people who want simple products that stand for their simple tastes. They prefer products that are cutting-edge, because they also want to be leaders in their fields, communities, and families. Figure 1: Hampton’s DuraCeramic Cutlery Collection Source: “Hampton Launches” Product design generally aims to marry form and function, and so art is also useful in this sense, as it aims to make beautiful and creative-looking products. Morris explains the role of user-centered design in The Fundamentals of Product Design. This design focuses on what customers actually need and desire. An example is OXO’s peeler. See Figure 2. This has a wide grip that is good for people with arthritis who do not have enough hand pressure to grip ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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