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Sex, Love, and Romance - Research Paper Example

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It has aptly been stated that love is one of the most essential and inevitable necessities of human life, which is born with human and lasts forever till he breathes his last. Hence, love maintains unabated significance and worthwhile importance in human life. Some of the people…
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Sex, Love, and Romance
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Download file to see previous pages Consequently, love is far above from the limitation of caste, class, creed, ethnicity, race, region, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age-group and socioeconomic position of the lover and beloved. Renowned Lebanese-American philosopher Khalil Gibran declares love as the profound feels which are dropped into the delicate heart of beloved from the deep eyes of the lover. Nevertheless, the beloved seeks something inspirational, delicate, different and sensuous in the lover in order to keep the relation with him, and subsequently offer him all the physical charms she contains, and all the delicacies and coquettes she could display to entertain the lover in response to the utter feelings he exhibits for the beloved.
It is love that forces a mother to feed, nurture, clean, care and shelter her child; it is sheer feelings of love that force a father to work from dawn to dusk to provide moral, financial and physical support and comforts to his children. Similarly, lovers sacrifice their lives during the course of winning their beloved; it is also love that compels the soldiers to sacrifice all their comforts to defend the geographical and ideological boundaries of their motherland; similarly, it is pure love that urges a suitor to compose and compile long songs for his sweetheart. Thus, love is actually the name of compassion, sacrifice, purity and dedication, though the same is taken as the initial stage of getting engaged into romance and sex subsequently. As a result, love and sex are taken synonymous to each other in contemporary times, as every relationship and every friendship demands return in any form as barter.
Romance is also taken as synonymous to love, though both of them observe difference in their nature and scope. Romance is one of the most sublime, delicate, superb and sensuous feelings, where lovers express their inner without any show-off or pretending falsehood. The arms of lovers, and lips on the lips take ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sex, Love, and Romance Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words - 1.
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