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Research Proposal as it relates to Disney fairytales & Theory - Essay Example

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It further illustrates the context or angle from which the research will be conducted. The literature review discusses the opinion of other authors…
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Research Proposal as it relates to Disney fairytales & Theory
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Extract of sample "Research Proposal as it relates to Disney fairytales & Theory"

Download file to see previous pages The gaps in literature section, looks at the places of concern where the previous literature have not focused that then makes the study significant. The methodology section discusses the proposed research design, explaining the reason why it was chosen. This section also evaluates the data collection methods that will be used in the proposed research; advantages and disadvantages of the chosen method are given. Additionally, it also covers the data analysis method that will be used to analyze the data collected.
The society in general has been debating about the course that the institution of marriage is taking. Conservative groups hold the opinion that such a move affects the future generations and the society. Same-sex marriage has been of debate in most parliaments and media platforms. To be specific, gay marriage has taken the center stage when it comes to the debates. There has been a tussle between those for homosexuality and those against it. However, the recent Disney fairytales reflect too much of gay characters that has raised concerns for both the public, that comprises the parents mostly, and the Christian conservative groups. The recent announcement by Disney brought in mixed reactions. The company best known for its fairytales announced that the film will involve two overt gay characters who will fall in love and at the end of the story find happiness through same sex marriage. The film: Princes, that is bound to be released in 2015 raises concerns especially in the cultural dimension of the society. This is not the first film of the kind since the entertainment monster has been supporting all initiatives related to Lesbians, Gay, and Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) programs, through its productions. Research conducted has shown that previous productions of Disney have had a place for gay acts, though in a subtle manner ("Disney Announces, ‘Princes’, First Film with Openly Gay ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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